More Answers Justin Bieber Out Of Control?&v=m2X76tBC3lQ
Jan 24, 2014 ... Pop star was released on bond after a DUI arrest--has he fallen victim to the child celebrity curse?

Opinion: Is Bieber getting out of control? -

Feb 7, 2014 ... So, Justin Bieber has done something stupid again. This time, he made the headlines by allegedly smoking pot on a chartered airplane and ...

Usher opens up about his friend Justin Bieber's spiral out of control

Jun 5, 2014 ... He's been a mentor to Justin Bieber for years, and it's alleged he tried to stage an intervention as the young singer's behaviour spiraled out of ...

Justin Bieber -- Drug Use Out of Control in Atlanta |

Feb 27, 2014 ... Justin Bieber is going harder than ever on sizzurp and weed since living in Atlanta ... multiple friends involved in his life tell TMZ.TMZ broke the ...

How Justin Bieber went out of control -

Apr 6, 2014 ... Late on a Monday night in mid January, a slightly stoned Justin Bieber leans back on a couch in a Miami strip club's weed-scented VIP room, ...

Is Justin Bieber Out of Control? Video - ABC News

Jan 24, 2014 ... Recent behavior reminiscent of other child stars' antics.

Justin's House Of Chaos: Parties Are Out Of Control After Bieber

Jan 17, 2014 ... Justin Bieber's security team are bodyguards, not babysitters — and RadarOnline .com has exclusively learned that when one security guard ...

Justin Bieber's money and fame have clearly left him lacking any ...

Nov 8, 2013 ... Just where the hell is Justin Bieber's mother? ... lacking any sense of respect while increasingly becoming more and more out of control.

Justin Bieber: Happy He Split With 'Out of Control' Selena Gomez ...

Feb 7, 2014 ... Even though Justin has been caught partying time and time again, he's taking no credit for Selena's stay in rehab — in fact, Justin's friends are ...

Justin Bieber's OUT OF CONTROL! Fired Concerned Security Team ...

Jan 17, 2014 ... Justin Bieber has built a reputation for outrageous parties at his Calabasas crib, but the party poppin' has clearly gotten out of control since the ...

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