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Lactose intolerance

edit]. It is used in primary lactose intolerance. Lactase activity persistence in adults is associated with two polymorphisms: ...

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What genes are related to lactose intolerance? Lactose intolerance in infants ( congenital lactase deficiency) is caused by ...

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Many cases of lactose intolerance are genetic (say: juh-NET-ik). That means that something in these people's genes makes them more likely to develop it.

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Apr 14, 2015 ... Lactose intolerance occurs when your small intestine doesn't produce enough of an enzyme (lactase) to digest milk sugar (lactose). Normally ...
Definition: Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest significant amounts of lactose, the major sugar found in milk. Lactose intolerance is caused by a shortage of the enzyme lactase, which is produced by the cells that line the small intestine. Lactase breaks do... More »
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Aug 28, 2015 ... Lactose intolerance is characterized by a deficiency in the enzyme lactase, which ... Supporting the theory that lactose intolerance is hereditary, ...

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I read that lactose intolerance is caused by a genetic mutation. I previously consumed dairy, but have been a vegan for over a year now. I have heard some  ...

Genetics of lactose intolerance - Understanding Genetics - The Tech ...

Jan 24, 2008 ... Does that mean when I grow up I will be lactose intolerant? ... when you become lactose intolerant will depend on your exact genetic makeup.

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Primary lactase deficiency is the most common cause of lactose intolerance worldwide. This type of lactase deficiency is caused by an inherited genetic fault that ...

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Jun 20, 2013 ... Hereditary - This means that lactose Intolerance runs in your family. This is very rare. No lactase enzyme is produced by the body. In this case ...

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Q: Is being lactose intolerant hereditary?
A: best I can gather it can be hereditary. When our son started spitting up quite a bit a 2 months old I took him to his (at the time) pediatrician and he said, oh... Read More »
Q: Is lactose intolerance hereditary?
A: No I don't believe it is. Lactose is more due to the disgraceful practices we do to the cows, practically from birth. They are given anti-biotics, bovine growth... Read More »
Q: Can lactose intolerance be hereditary?
A: When using this website please use common sense. The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for p... Read More »
Q: Can Lactose Intolerance Be Hereditary?
A: If you’re lactose intolerant, most likely somebody in your immediate family also suffers from this unfortunate dilemma.  Recent studies have linked lactose into... Read More »
Q: Is lactose intolerance is a hereditary disease?
A: There is a chance that your children could be affected by the lactose intolerance. As this is a hereditary disease you must consult with the specialist regardin... Read More »