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Margarine is an imitation butter spread used for spreading, baking, and cooking. Hippolyte .... In 1978, an 80% fat product called krona, made by churning a blend of dairy cream and vegetable oils, ...

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Margarine is made from soybean oil or a blend of vegetable oils instead of cow's milk, but most margarine brands still contain small amounts of dairy products, ...

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Discover substitutes for your favorite dairy products. ... Margarine: To substitute for butter in cooking, baking and spreading, try a dairy free margarine. The brand  ...

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Margarine: Most people think that margarine does not contain "milk products." This is a huge myth. 99% of all margarines contain milk. I have found three that do ...

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We don't consider it a dairy product, although it is sold alongside butter, ... The original margarine was made with beef fat and there are still margarines on the ...

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Sep 14, 2007 ... Learning what items do and don't contain dairy did not come easy for me. As rashes came and went, I slowly discovered what is and is not a ...

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Find out if margarine is dairy. Determine if it is a dairy-free product or if it contains milk.

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Why does Becel® margarine contain tropical oils such as palm oil and palm kernel oil? What is ... Is Becel® margarine a kosher dairy product? I'm on a salt- free ...

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Jan 11, 2013 ... Since most of margarine brands contain milk protein, I was curious what brand she ... Do not assume that name describes the product content.=.

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Butter is one dairy product that is quite possibly the most frequently used in many ... This soy margarine is my favorite butter alternative for everything from baking ...