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The New 52 was the 2011 revamp and relaunch by DC Comics of its entire line of ongoing ..... By December 2011, Marvel Comics regained the top spot for market share in both dollars and units. In Apri...

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Dec 10, 2012 ... Marvel's taking potshots at DC's state flag variants, courtesy of a "state ... By Joey Esposito Though we pretty much mocked the idea of 52 variant .... So Marvel rebooting their comics because of the success of the New 52 and ...

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Sep 20, 2013 ... In the last two years, DC & Marvel decided it was time to try something new that would generate some interest for their publications.

Top 10 Characters Ruined by the New 52 | Superhero etc.


Mar 27, 2015 ... So I decided to compile a list of some characters the New 52 tried to modernize and failed to do so (unless .... Is DC trying to mock us or something? .... My Opinion On The End of the Marvel UniverseIn "Comic Book News".

DC Comics' New 52 Reboot: The Complete Guide - Screen Rant


Aug 31, 2011 ... The DC Comics Reboot – or the DC relaunch, or The New 52, .... decade – Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal – reviled and viciously mocked on the ..... spy agency of the DCU – not unlike S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Marvel Universe, ...

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Aug 31, 2013 ... This is a review for DC's New 52. Now while they don't have waves like Marvel NOW!, they have been ... Is Marvel Mocking DC's New 52?

Deadpool was originally a ripoff of a DC Comics villain ... and it ...


Jan 28, 2016 ... It is often described as DC's answer to the success of Marvel's similarly character- and ... This was an error, the New 52 launched in 2011.

5 Reasons Why DC Comics Just Can't Get It Right | LetterPile


Oct 1, 2016 ... DC Comics has made some very risky decisions over the last few years with their comics, the most recent and controversial being the New 52. ... Of course, Marvel recognized that they could not match this sense of awe and .... It's a mockery for longtime fans to keep reading like nothing has happened to our ...

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Meanwhile, in that same time period Marvel has grown my readership from just ... DC Comics is one year into their successful line-wide New 52 reboot. ... # 140char Review: Superman #1 is all the reasons modern readers mock 80s comics.

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For all its flaws, the New 52 accounted for my first comic book pull-list, and ... Plus , I can't get over the fact that both Marvel and DC are doing the exact same event at ..... Not to mention his costume is like a cool Black Panther 2099 mock-up, ...