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Change of heart? IE11 might speed Web graphics with WebGL - CNET


Mar 29, 2013 ... A leaked build of Microsoft's next browser shows signs that the company could ... The WebGL-powered version of Google Maps shows transparent 3D .... Customer Service OutSource play book and get ready for a new one.

Why Microsoft decided to put WebGL into Internet Explorer ...


Jul 21, 2013 ... Microsoft has changed its ways to try and embrace web standards rather than resist them. IE chief Dean Hachamovitch explains why.

Building a WebGL game for Windows 8 Store | Microsoft UK Faculty ...


Apr 7, 2014 ... Taking your WebGL Browser to an app. 1. ... Babylon.js is a WebGL engine described in my previous post. ... Updating your Windows 8 game to embrace the Windows 8.1 platform ... Getting your game ready for Store. 1.

Unity Web Player Roadmap – Unity Blog


Oct 8, 2015 ... As I said before, I am trying to embrace WebGL but the immense file size per ..... Once we have browser support and are actually getting ready to ship ..... Oh! Is Unity filing bug reports with Microsoft everytime Edge crashes in ...

IE11 To Support WebGL? - I Programmer


Apr 2, 2013 ... Now we have strong evidence that IE11 will support WebGL. ... isn't too worried about people seeing IE11 before it is ready. ... towards OpenGL - Microsoft might be making a play of embracing open ... Ostensibly Microsoft refused to support WebGL because it made use of, and ... Getting started with WebGL.

WebGL: kill it before it grows? : GraphicSpeak


Jul 5, 2011 ... It looks a little suspicious that the Microsoft Blog appeared on the same day ... The next step is that Khronos is preparing an imminent WebGL 1.0.1 release ... Why embrace slow interpreted code and an untyped / string ridden ...

The Advent of Web 3D - The SaintThe Saint


Jul 25, 2013 ... Microsoft had done a diabolical deal with Sun to license Java and create a Microsoft .... team to dedicate six months of his life to preparing and testifying on Microsoft's behalf at the DOJ trial where .... “Idiots embracing WebGL”.

HTML5 Weekly Archives


CSS 3, Canvas, WebSockets, WebGL, Native Client, and more. ... Emails Without Media Queries; Getting Ready For HTTP/2: A Guide For Web Devs .... Researchers Prove HTML5 Can Be Used to Hide Malware; Microsoft Edge and Web .... Forms: JavaScript and the Constraint Validation API; Apple (to) Embrace WebGL?

WebGL in Enterprise Web Apps? Uh, no. [Update: make that: not yet ...


May 11, 2012 ... WebGL is a promising new technology that can bring 3D rendering into the ... Together, a software renderer in Firefox plus Apple fully embracing WebGL ... My conclusion is that while WebGL is very cool, Microsoft's refusal to support it ... just a driver update away from getting WebGL in supporting browsers.

Microsoft Phases Out XNA and DirectX? - Slashdot


Feb 1, 2013 ... mikejuk writes "It is reported that Microsoft has sent an email to ... The standard joke is "embrace extend extinguish" but... extinguish makes no business sense here. ..... in stability for OpenGL/OpenGL ES/WebGL/NaCl on both platforms, ..... Microsoft's System Lords are preparing to carve mini-empire...

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Why Microsoft and Internet Explorer need WebGL (and vice-versa ...


Jun 16, 2011 ... And, frankly, if Microsoft has taken a formal position against WebGL, no one I ..... better) or choose to embrace GL in Windows despite the DX investments over .... WebGL can (and is) getting inspirations from the said SL5 and ...

How Microsoft could possibly, just maybe, become WebGL's biggest ...


May 22, 2013 ... Ready to jump head-first into wild speculation land? ... Yes, that's right, "WebGL considered harmful" Microsoft. ... That's interesting because there's also another big Microsoft property that's getting an update "Later this year": The Xbox. .... It's not support, it's an att...

webgl - Microsoft Edge Development


Music Lounge is an interactive demo that showcase WebGL audio positioning within a minimalistic UI based on babylon.js. Updated Sep 8, 2015. Contre Jour.