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In 2015, Resolve To Stop Comparing Motherhood To A Job


Dec 31, 2014 ... Let's stop comparing them to professionals. I'd like to stop hearing how motherhood is “a full-time job” or “the most important job in the world.

The Profession of Motherhood - CBN.com


CBN.com – With Labor Day just weeks away, I believe we need to celebrate a job that is often forgotten in the paid workforce. This job is such an integral part of ...

Why we need to stop calling motherhood a job - Today's Parent


Apr 21, 2014 ... Is being a mom the toughest job in the world? Jennifer Pinarski doesn't think so.

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Being a Stay-at-Home Mother Is Not a Job ...


Mar 6, 2015 ... UNPOPULAR OPINION: Being a Stay-at-Home Mother Is Not a Job .... Special Snowflake attitudes have eased my transition into motherhood.

The question: Is Stay-At-Home Motherhood a Luxury–or a Job ...


Mar 30, 2015 ... The latest front in the ever-evolving mommy wars has broken out and the shrapnel is flying. The question: Is stay-at-home motherhood a ...

Shonda Rhimes claims motherhood isn't a job: Is she right?


Sep 21, 2015 ... Shonda Rhimes slams beliefs that motherhood is a job, and her reasons may surprise you.

Sorry, but being a mother is not the most important job in the world ...


Nov 18, 2013 ... 'I never hear that being a father is the most important job in the world'. ... It's fine to use "motherhood" as a credential if you're talking about ...

Motherhood isn't the “world's toughest job” - Salon.com


Apr 15, 2014 ... When Boston agency Mullen posted a listing for what sounded like the world's worst job, 24 intrepid job seekers stepped up and applied.

Motherhood is a Job: Let's Treat it that Way and Get More Done!


Feb 28, 2011 ... Motherhood is a job--you have things to do, but you don't get paid. Yet if we treated our days at home more like work, we'd be happier and ...

'There's No Tougher Job Than Being a Mom' - The Atlantic


Jul 11, 2013 ... "There's no tougher job than being a mom." A recent Parents magazine poll found that 92 percent of mothers agree with the statement.

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Is Motherhood a Job? | Her.meneutics | ChristianityToday.com


Apr 25, 2014 ... The number of stay-at-home moms is on the rise in 21st-century America after decades of decrease, according to a Pew Research Center ...

Motherhood is tough and intense but it is not a job - FT.com


Mar 22, 2015 ... Is motherhood a job? Margaret Thatcher thought it was — according to her, bringing up children was a management job. The Queen apparently ...

No, Motherhood Is Not A Job - Scary Mommy


Mar 3, 2010 ... Yes, motherhood is the most thankless situation in the history of time; but motherhood is not a job. By definition, a job is a situation where you ...