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How to Determine the Sex of a Betta Fish: 9 Steps


Dec 5, 2015 ... Wait until characteristics begin to develop with age. Male and female Betta fish will look very similar when young. This is because their body ...

www.ask.com/youtube?q=Is My Betta Fish a Girl or a Boy?&v=ttLbiuIkgJA
Oct 7, 2014 ... This video is about how to tell if your betta fish is male or female, thank ... just because u assume a Dumbo Betta fish is a girl doesn't mean it is girl dummmy ... I knew mine was a boy ... Please check my video to see my betta.
www.ask.com/youtube?q=Is My Betta Fish a Girl or a Boy?&v=5-2zmThQIUY
Oct 9, 2013 ... This is my new betta fish. I don't know if it's a boy or a girl.

How to Tell a Male From a Female Betta Fish - Pets


You can find betta fish sitting quietly in tiny cups on the shelves of pet stores everywhere. ... The boys come in just about any color you can think of, and their fins often are a bright color ... How Should I Set Up My Aquarium for My Livebearers?

How Can You Tell If Your Betta Fish Is A Boy Or Girl? | My ...


If you bought a betta baby with no gender description. All of those look ... Guest. Can u please tell me if my 3 beautiful beta fish r girls or boys!!!!! Sponsored Links.

Is My Betta A Boy or a Girl? - HubPages


Sep 25, 2009 ... If you have bought young betta fish, you may not be entirely sure whether or not they are male or female. Sometimes pet stores claim that fish ...

Female Betta Fish Characteristics and Male Betta Fish Behavior


A guide to betta behavior and why female and male beta fish act the way they do. ... I have a blue betta fish I just got from my step dad idk if it's a girl or boy but he ...

Female Betta Fish Care - Together? Behavior Traits


The male betta fish is the most popular but people tend to forget about the ... got my baby betta, and I really want to take great care of it (can't tell if boy or girl yet).

How Do Betta Fish Mate & When? | Animals - mom.me


If you've heard betta fish cannot have companions in their tanks because they ... Move the female betta to the male's tank or move the two fish together to a third tank. ... How to See if an Armadillo Lizard Is a Boy or a Girl · Life Span of a Mole ...

Male and Female Betta Together? - GardenWeb


Feb 22, 2006 ... With 5 girls in the tank no 1 is ever chased for more than a couple of seconds. ... I keep my male and female betta fish together in about a 3-5 gallon ..... Humans found if you put two boys in a small space they are territorial.

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How To Tell The Gender Of Your Betta - Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care


Some people encounter the problem when they get a betta of is my betta a boy or a girl? Sometimes male plakats are mistaken for females and ...

Bubbles & Bettas: Male or Female?


I don't know if my betta is a girl or a boy. I also don't know ... Excuse me, I clearly stated that the fish noted is FEMALE, I never said it was a male. "Females have ...

Everything You've Wanted to Know About Betta Fish


this is in reply to: trinity - I have a two blue Betta's and one is a girl and one is a boy . ... I want my girl Betta to mate how do I get them to if they try to kill each other ...