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When a Hamster Reaches the End


It becomes clear that the pet owner is seeing the hamster gradually dying of natural causes. It has entered what I call the “twilight period” of a hamster's life.

4 Ways to Deal With Your Hamster Dying - wikiHow


How to Deal With Your Hamster Dying. Hamsters make fantastic and loyal pets. However, their lifespan of 2-3 years can seem cruelly ...

Hamster Club :: Hamster's old age and the process of dying


Hamster's old age and the process of dying. Author: Nadia ... I just got my hamster 2 months ago and its dulling and its 1 eye is grey while the other on is red.

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Jan 17, 2013 ... my hanster is sick and looks like its gonna die :( Watch the tribute here : http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WgygaVnprc.

my hamster looks like he is dying. he is breathing hard, eyes closed ...


Hamsters Although hamsters are pretty hardy pets, they are very small which means that injuries and illness can quickly become a serious matter.

Is My Hamster Sick, Dying Or Is My Hamster Hibernating?


Nov 2, 2011 ... We had an unexpected experience with our pet hamster that we would like to share because many hamster owners may not be aware that ...

I think my hamster is dying what do I do? - Hamster Central


My syrian hamster is 2 years old. Lately he was slower and not so active but otherwise he was fine. Today I found him in his cage curled up ...

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Our 2 year-old Syrian hamster is dying. .... i had a hamster when i was a kid, my idiot father used to let it leave it's cage and roam the house. i ...

What is a sign your hamster is dying? | Yahoo Answers


May 26, 2007 ... My hamster has been acting very strange, if I touch it, it will twich, if i whisper it hisses, what should I do????

I think my hamster's going to die tonight :( - Netmums


Hey all, Just a bit sad really - think my little Hattie is nearing the end ... I don't like to think of her dying alone, but I can't stay up all night with her.

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Q: Is my hamster dying?
A: Your hamster acted the same as mine she is probably sick and dying of old age cause that's how my hamster was acting and she just died. If I were you I would ge... Read More »
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Q: Is my hamster dying?
A: Allie, bleeding and short breaths are not good signs. She could have an internal tumor, unfortunately, that is growing bigger within her. Does she seem distress... Read More »
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Q: Is my hamster dying?
A: First of all, never put males and females together unless you want them to have babies. Males intend to have agression to their females and babies, so as soon a... Read More »
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Q: Is my hamster dying? ?
A: The past few days he has been really quiet and inactive when normally he's very active, even in the day. He has developed a hump on his back plus he is unable t... Read More »
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Q: Is my hamsters dying?!?
A: age: 2 years sex:girl breed: roborovski drawf hamster or campbell russian drawf hamster. whats wrong: he blind in both hes eyes,he had a small cut on the side b... Read More »
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