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How to Know if Your Hamster Is Dying: 7 Steps


Feb 11, 2016 ... How do I tell if my hamster is hibernating or is dead? ... I left my hamster in my car for an hour and it looks like it's dying and is behaving oddly.

Hamster Club :: Hamster's old age and the process of dying


When the hamster begins to reach one year old, it will start getting old and some thinning of the coat is a very common sign of old age in hamsters.

When a Hamster Reaches the End


It becomes clear that the pet owner is seeing the hamster gradually dying of natural causes. It has entered what I call the “twilight period” of a hamster's life.

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Feb 17, 2010 ... threw some pictures and video clips of my chinese dwarf hamster Pokey, in which the video clips are taken half an hour before Pokey died.

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Our 2 year-old Syrian hamster is dying. .... i had a hamster when i was a kid, my idiot father used to let it leave it's cage and roam the house. i ...

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Mar 13, 2011 ... This recording was made about 10 minutes before the hamster died. ... My hamster died because when I went out with my friends for a while ...

Injured or Sick Hamster Signs and Symptoms - How to Take Care of ...


the same thing happened to my hamster. a week ago she was fine and then a ...... the house 2 floors between them tho and she became so ill quickly and died.

Mystery: What did my hamster die of? - Straight Dope Message Board


My hamster died peacefully 2 years ago. He was still alive and active the night before. The next day evening, I noticed that he was sleeping and ...

Hamsters in old age - Hammys World


See Dying hamster. The teeth will need to be watched closely as he gets older they may become lose, crooked, brittle, broken, or over grown. It is not uncommon ...

How to Tell If Your Dwarf Hamster Is Dying | Cuteness.com


If you are concerned that your dwarf hamster is dying, take it to a veterinarian immediately. However, you might not know if you should go to the vete...

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4 Ways to Deal With Your Hamster Dying - wikiHow


Sometimes hamsters do like to move around, my hamster does this. ... How can I feel better if my dwarf hamster died and I know I did everything I could to help ...

What are some common signs that a hamster may be dying? - Quora


Dec 22, 2015 ... Echoing both Quora User and Britt Vaughn. If there is a vet in your area who does ... My advice would be to take it to the vet- I can't tell you for sure, but based on what you've said the vet will likely recommend putting it down to ...

My Child's Hamster Is Dying! What Should I Do? - Scary Symptoms


Oct 11, 2016 ... If your child's hamster is very sick or seems to be dying, here are clear instructions on what you, the parent, should do and NOT do. In your mind ...