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"Nigger", a racist insult in English, derives from the Spanish/Portuguese word negro, meaning "black", and the French word nègre. Both negro and noir (and ...

These Words You Use Every Day Have Racist/Prejudiced Pasts ...


Oct 24, 2013 ... When I was a kid, everyone used the phrase Indian giver. We didn't even think about it. We weren't reprimanded by teachers, either. Admittedly ...

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Define renege. renege synonyms, renege pronunciation, renege translation, English dictionary ... 1. to go back on one's word: He has reneged on his promise.

Racist denies she's a racist – says “Don't Renig in 2012” - Eclectablog


Mar 19, 2012 ...RENIG” is not a misspelling of the wordrenege”, it's saying “don't relelect a nigger in ... Ms. Smith insisted that the bumper sticker is not racist.

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Jun 2, 2009 ... Renege. A thousand times no. Dear Word Detective: All through my adolescent and adult life I have used the wordrenege” when it comes to ...

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Explained Jake Bowers, editor of Travellers Times, to British newspaper the Telegraph: “Gypped is an offensive word, it's derived from Gypsy and it's being used ...

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Jul 27, 2011 ... Another person has noted that he avoids using the word renege around black people, even though it has nothing to do with the derogatory ...

Late Night: 'Conan' writer reacts to racist anti-Obama sticker


Mar 22, 2012 ... I mean, I hate it, it's racist, but that was clever for real. How he took the word renege and the 'n' word and mixed it up, so it could have racist and ...

Racist Obama “Don't Re-Nig” Bumper Sticker ... - News One


Mar 15, 2012 ... Playing on the word renege, which means to go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract, according to Merriam-Webster, the ever-hateful ...

'Don't Re-Nig' Lady Has Magic Dictionary That Says 'N-Word' Is Not ...


Mar 19, 2012 ... How else is “Don't Re-Nig” not even racist? “And besides ... Renege means go back on your word; niger is Latin, meaning "black". Thus "nig" or ...

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Does "renege" have any racial overtones, or is it otherwise offensive?


Jul 13, 2012 ... I used the word "renege" in a meeting the other day (something like, "the vendor decided to renege on their offer of shipping replacement SAN ...

Is “Renege” A Racist Epithet? | TonyHeld.com


Apr 29, 2014 ... I was surprised to discover that “renege” is considered by some to be a racist word. I even read on one website about how one person was told ...

Renege | Definition of renege by Merriam-Webster


verb re·nege \ri-ˈneg also -ˈnāg, -ˈnig; rē-\. : to refuse to do something that you promised or agreed to do. Top 10 words to win with in SCRABBLE ».

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20 Words related to renig ... there is no definition for that incorrect spelling, because it's racist and used incorrectly to imply it's something a black person always ...

Renig | Definition of renig by Merriam-Webster


Define renig: renege—usage, synonyms, more. ... reniggedreniggedrenigging renigs ... I wondered if I used the word correctly and whether or not it's offensive.