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Sunday is the day of the week after Saturday but before Monday. Sunday is a day of rest in ... In some Muslim countries and Israel, Sunday is the first work day of the week. According to the Hebrew ...

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According to international standard ISO 8601, Monday is the first day of the week. ... language has retained the planet names for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

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A note on the status of Sunday and Monday as rivals for first day of the week. An aside to the 'Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese, and Mongolian Days of the ...

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Because Sunday is the first day of the week. It has been thus since before the birth of Christianity, though one hopes that's not why you are so unhappy.

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Oct 31, 2012 ... Is Monday or Sunday the first day of the week. It is different in UK Calendars and USA Calendars. Our backwards calendar for lefthanders is ...

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Oct 14, 2007 ... Best Answer: Sunday is the first day of the week. The week is designed around Jewish beliefs. The Sabbath is the "day of rest" when God ...

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Nov 4, 2009 ... The international standard makes the week begin on Monday.

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Mar 11, 2015 ... The first day of the week (for most), Sunday has been set aside as the ... and in the Chinese calendar, Monday is xīngqīyī, "day one of the week.

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Sep 17, 2007 ... In most cultures Sunday is the first day of the week, although some observe Monday as the first day. "According to the Bible, God created the ...

Christians worship on 1st Day: Ats 20:7 & 1 Corinthians 16:1-2


Acts 20:7 proves weekly communion on Sunday (1st Day) ... 1<sup>st</sup> 23 reasons why the first day of the week, Sunday is significance and important exclusively to ...

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Mar 11, 2015 ... Karla S. asks: Why does the week start on Sunday? ... Note that Monday is the first day of the week in the Slavic languages, and in the Chinese ...

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The word "Sunday" does not appear any place in the Bible, but the phrase "first day of the week" is found in the New Testament. It occurs in exactly eight places.

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Sunday was named as the first day in Jewish and early Christian tradition, which is reflected in ... North American calendars continue to use Sunday as the first day, while European calendars consider Monday the first day. Western European  ...