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Feb 6, 2013 ... The U.S. Postal Service announced Wednesday morning that it was moving from six- to five-day delivery to help reduce its ever growing budget ...


Apr 10, 2013 ... Postal Service backs off plan to stop Saturday delivery, hints at layoffs, price hikes ... of Congress and the rule of law itself,” said Virginia Democratic Rep. ... cost-cutting strategies including ending Saturday mail deliveries, closing or cutting hours at low-volume post offices .... Fox Business Breaking Alerts


May 26, 2017 ... President Donald Trump's proposed budget would let the U.S. Postal Service cut back on delivery days, a move that helps the unprofitable ...


Feb 6, 2013 ... U.S. Postal Service To Eliminate Saturday Delivery: Will It Save Tax Dollars? ... So while the Post Office is privileged under U.S. law (it has a ... has delivered mail six days a week - with the exception of a short break in 1957.


Feb 6, 2013 ... Get breaking news alerts from The Washington Post ... Packages will still be delivered on Saturdays, and post office boxes will continue to receive mail that day. ... much of that would also disappear by eliminating Saturday delivery. ... much of it because of a 2006 law requiring the Postal Service to set aside ...


May 26, 2017 ... Get breaking news alerts from The Washington Post ... Eliminating a critical competitive advantage, Saturday mail delivery, would kick off a ... The Office of Management and Budget, the Postal Service and no Republican ... their pay and benefits reduced from what otherwise would have been current law.”.


Apr 10, 2013 ... Policy & Law. USPS reverses plan to end Saturday mail delivery, says government gave it no choice ... The proposed plan would have eliminated Saturday standard mail ... Source: USPS; Via: Breaking Politics (Twitter) ...


Feb 6, 2013 ... Weekend mail delivery is about to come to an end. ... USPS officials have pushed for eliminating mail and package .... However I don't see anyone asking DOD to run its affairs as a break even operation. ... this is how it should be for government employees, law enforcement and for that matter, Congress.


Feb 6, 2013 ... Eliminating Saturday delivery of first-class mail (but not packages) might save it ... Donahoe made the case, though, that USPS has no choice. ... Congress, Donahoe said "it is our opinion that the way the law is set right now ... that we can make this change. ... Read All About It: Breaking News From NPR.