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The World's First Vibrating Tampon... You're Welcome! - Pink Parcel


We've Launched The World's First Vibrating Tampon… You're ... That's right, now you really will look forward to your time of the month. ... Every Pink Parcel subscriber will not only receive their monthly supply of their chosen sanitary products, ...

10 Weird tampon patents - Period!


Jul 11, 2015 ... There are lots of ideas about what would make the ideal sanitary product. ... Actually, this one is pretty logical: seeing as a vagina isn't completely ... Is that why inventor Steven A. Kilgore came up with his vibrating tampon?

Patent US5782779 - Vibrating tampon apparatus - Google Patents


Jul 21, 1998 ... A vibrating tampon apparatus 10 for easing a woman's menstrual cramps ... As a consequence of the foregoing situation, there has existed a ...

Patent US6183428 - Vibrating tampon apparatus - Google Patents


Feb 6, 2001 ... As a consequence of the foregoing situation, there has existed a need for a new, improved, and safer vibrating tampon construction that not ...

5 Failed Tampon Technologies - Attn


Apr 16, 2016 ... "There were a lot of tonics geared toward women's ailments, and most were 25 percent or ... Vibetex, the vibrating tampon, is not a real product.

Vibrating Tampons Are A Thing And We Don't Know What To Think ...


Apr 1, 2016 ... Vibrating Tampons Are A Thing And We Don't Know What To Think. That's it, we' ve ... Like, how do they even get a vibrator in there? Do you need ... 5 Really Important Things To Know About Tampons Tampon What's Really ...

The silliest April Fools Day jokes from PRs: From vibrating tampons ...


Apr 1, 2016 ... Vibrating tampons and Kim K modesty strips: A round up of the silliest branded April Fools ... Ben striking Pimms O'Clock, they really have thought of everything. .... 'Beef jerky fans across the UK will now be able to enjoy their ...

Vibrating tampons YEAAAHH | Funnies | Pinterest


Haha...never really thought about that, but yeah that must have been awkward ... until someone invents vibrating tampons there will be no Happy Period #ecards ...

Menstruation is the mother of invention / Boing Boing


Jan 8, 2016 ... They're really a mixed bag of the inventive and the silly, and ones that ... As far as I could find, there's no evidence to support the claim that vaginal vibrations ... This “Electronically Controlled Wide Band VibratingTampon with ...

The Tampon: A History - The Atlantic


Jun 1, 2015 ... There are differing accounts of the whens, wheres, and hows of the earliest ..... Developers at Tampax studied wax molds of real women's vaginal ... sort of like a spool of thread to help stop leaks, and, yes, a vibrating tampon.