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According to Nature Center Magazine, a common superstition says that birds flying into homes through windows or flying into closed windows signifies that ...

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It is said that if a bird flies into a window, that it portends a death. ... are simply being territorial and mistake their own reflection for that of another bird, and attack ...

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Before anyone in my family dies there is almost always a bird who hits a living ... This was the most birds that has every "hit" for any one death. ... I was sitting in my living room alone, when a bird hit my window and flew away.

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Jan 2, 2014 ... Birds flying into windows (house or car) are also supposed to bring news of death . Birds looking in ... There are more superstitions about birds.

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Aug 10, 2016 ... Here are some common bird omens and signs and their potential messages: ... When a bird flies into your car or house window and is knocked ...

Do Birds Flying Into A Home Equate To Death?


Other versions have the bird enter the home through an open window or door. ... The Origin of the Bird Omen Wives Tale. There is no one source of the 'bird flying into house equals death' wives' tale, but it is a common enough superstition ...

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Then I looked down, and there it was- a dying bird who had ... or reading somewhere that a bird flying into your window was an omen of death.

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I also hear countless incidents where birds flying into a house or hitting a ... There's a death omen about birds flying/crashing into your window..

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Jan 28, 2011 ... I finally did a reading for her and was told that this bird was there to protect ... Tags: bird flies into window, bird flying into window, superstition, ...

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Jan 2, 2005 ... A wild bird flying into one's house is a portent of ill luck, possibly even death. ... crashes into a closed window in a vain attempt to force itself into the house? ... And there are those whose aversion to indoor avians runs ...