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Who (pronoun)


I wonder who(m) she met this morning. ... However, some prescriptivists continue to defend whom as the only "correct" form in functions other than the subject.

Pronouns : I answer our company's main phone line, and frequently ...


A. Your response was the correct one. “This is she” is grammatically correct. The verb “to be” acts as a linking verb, equating subject and object. So this is she ...

pronouns - Which is correct: "This is her" or "This is she"? - English ...


Oct 14, 2010 ... Traditional grammarians prefer the nominative ("she") for the complement of the verb "to be". Most usage in my experience prefers the ...

“This is she” vs. “This is her” « Pain in the English


Jun 15, 2006 ... “This is she” is grammatically correct. The verb “to be” acts as a linking verb, equating subject and object. So this is she and she is this; “she” ...

The Grammarphobia Blog: How should you answer the phone?


Feb 28, 2007 ... A: If you want to be strictly correct, say “This is she” or (responding to a question) “ Yes, it is I.” Many people find these too formal, however.

How to Answer the Phone: This is She/He or This is Her/Him ...


Aug 23, 2014 ... Before I tell you the correct way to answer this question, I want to walk through the ... For starters, let's break down the sentence “This is she/her.

Which is correct This is she or This is her? - Quora


Technically, 'This is she' is the right answer. In Latin, the pronoun following the copula ('is') is supposed to be in the nominative case, i.e. he/she/I/we....

This is she, this is her? - English Forums


Yes yes, "This is she" is correct. People always whine, though, that doing this is stuffy and pretentious. This is why I have taken to referring to myself and others in  ...

when asked is this so and so....do you answer, "this is she ...


Mar 4, 2008 ... Her is speaking is incorrect, but she is speaking is correct. Now if asked, is this Liz, then you would say yes, I am her, because there is no ...

Elon Loves Grammar: "This is He/She" versus "This is Him/Her"


Apr 27, 2009 ... I believe that it is very important for people to know the correct form so that ... The nominative case is used for the pronouns I, he, she, we, they, ...

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