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Second-term curse


The second-term curse is the perceived tendency of second terms of recent U.S. ... Obama, did find that approval ratings were lower on average during second ...

Obama Has Broken the Second-Term Curse | RealClearPolitics


Dec 21, 2015 ... Presidential scholars have a term to describe the typical experience of a chief executive who wins re-election to the White House. It's called the ...

Is There Really a Second-Term Curse? - The New York Times


May 16, 2013 ... President Obama is facing one of his roughest stretches in office after questions about ... So does this provide proof of the second-term curse?

Ending presidents' second-term curse - The Washington Post


Aug 10, 2014 ... The Obama administration, rightly or wrongly, is increasingly ... George W. Bush's second term began with a futile effort to reform Social ...

Obama, Bush and the 'second-term curse' | Pew Research Center


Dec 19, 2013 ... Barack Obama and George Bush have at least one thing in common when it comes to the second terms they won — the first year of their ...

Is There Really A Second-Term Curse? : It's All Politics : NPR


May 20, 2013 ... The phrase "second term curse" is so familiar that it's become a cliche of ... Nothing on President Obama's plate comes close to those historical ...

So much for the 'second-term curse' | MSNBC


Dec 22, 2015 ... Scholars have talked for years about presidents and the "second-term curse." Obama appears to have avoided it quite nicely.

U.S. Presidents Typically Less Popular in Second Term - Gallup.Com


Jan 11, 2013 ... In other words, Obama could face the supposed "second-term curse," whereby his political capital is greatly diminished over the additional term ...

President Obama and the 'curse of the second term' - Al Arabiya ...


Dec 14, 2013 ... President Obama and his eloquent speech at the memorial of Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg were greeted with the enthusiasm and ...

Is there really a second-term curse? - The Week


Nov 25, 2013 ... Just 11 months into President Obama's second term and he seems to have fallen into the same trap as many of his predecessors. Each of the ...

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Q: Obama for a 2nd term?
A: ha ha ha sure.... so basically Republicans are dumb people... Majority of Republicans do low paying menial job..so they DO NOT contribute to the taxes. And that... Read More »
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Q: Obama for a 2nd term?
A: Yes, I will be voting for our president to have a second term. If people think Mitt or Rick S. would be good choices, then they really need to do some research ... Read More »
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Q: Will obama win a 2nd term?
A: Barack H. Obama is the 44th President of the United States, only time will tell if he will win the 2012 Read More »
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Q: Will Obama be elected to a 2nd term?
A: Honestly, it all depends how the outlook for America is these next four years. No one can say for sure. ! Read More »
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Q: Is there any evidence that Obama may be planning to legalize mari...
A: While I personally think marijuana should be decriminalized, I certainly hope he doesn't decide to take this on in the next term (assuming he wins) and I believ... Read More »
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