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Oct 3, 2013 ... Horses find timothy hay tasty and few will turn their noses up at it. ... It is clear timothy does not offer the same level of protein, but good quality ...

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The compromise for many U.S. horses is a good quality grass-alfalfa mix hay. ... Timothy hay is one of the most popular hays fed to horses. It can be quite ...

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First cutting Timothy is usually used for race horses and export to the Pacific Rim. ... Timothy hay is excellent for impaction and colic prone horses and is fed to ...

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Sep 3, 2012 ... Learn how to identify hays and what makes them good (or bad). ... Timothy hay is one of the most popular hays fed to horses. It can be quite ...

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Hay is the basis of virtually every horse's diet, but all hays aren't created equal. ... to horses in the United States, including timothy, orchard, alfalfa, coastal, oat, ... " Grass hays typically provide less protein and energy than good quality legumes.

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Good quality hay or pasture should make up at least half of most horse's diets. ... that is past full bloom, and grass hay (timothy, fescue, orchard grass, etc.) ...

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In Kentucky, the most popular hay choices for horses are alfalfa, timothy, ... Red clover has a good nutrient profile, but it is sometimes affected by a mold that ...

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For example, alfalfa, timothy and orchard grass hays are popular in Kentucky, .... Grass hay is also a good hay choice for “easy keepers”, meaning horses that ...

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Hay Selection for HorsesBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · November 8, 2010 ... with Kentucky Equine Research (KER), she understands the importance of good-quality hay. .... “I have seen lovely bales of the classic timothy/alfalfa mix.

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Jul 3, 2013 ... Timothy hay is one of the most popular hays fed to horses. ... The third cutting is good hay, and the fourth and fifth cuttings begin to have more ...

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Horse owners have found that Timothy hay promotes a shiny coat, good digestion, ... It is also excellent for colic prone, protein-sensitive, and obese horses.

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Jul 23, 2013 ... Horses evolved as a grazing animal, which means that they are meant to ... parts of a horses' diet, and a good source of roughage can provide almost all of a ... Two of the most popular are Grass Hay (usually Timothy Grass or ...

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timothy hay and oats are the best feeds for horses, and that alfalfa and corn spell disaster. Alfalfa .... Alfalfa hay is a good source of lysine, the first limiting amino ...