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Vegetable shortening and vegetable oil are not the same. Vegetable oil is derived from plant sources such as seeds. Manufacturers create shortening from vegetable oil through a pro...

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Since the invention of hydrogenated vegetable oil in the early 20th century, " shortening" has come almost exclusively to mean hydrogenated vegetable oil.

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Mar 12, 2014 ... In conclusion, vegetable oil and vegetable shortening are basically the same flavorless product, only one is liquid and one solid. Oil and melted ...

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yes, you can use butter or vegetable oil in place of shortening. ... is not being melted in your cake recipe, I would substitute with the same amount of butter.

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Similar Questions: substitute solid shortening vegetable oil ... They are actually the same thing but that the shortening is solid because it is ...

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You can use any neutral flavored oil, such as vegetable or canola oil. ... You can achieve the same thing with butter, but butter also has water in ...

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Jan 28, 2015 ... Doughnuts sold at doughnut shops don't have the same ... Shortening, made by hydrogenating vegetable oil to make it act like a solid, ...

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Jan 8, 2011 ... However, I have not been able to find vegetable shortening in any grocery store. Can I use butter or vegetable oil as substitute? If so, how much ...

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Oct 3, 2007 ... I have a recipe that calls for vegetable oil, the problem is, I don't have any. If I melted solid crisco shortening, would that the same thing and will ...

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If you're out of vegetable oil, melted shortening can be substituted in cake mix. ... These can be used the same way as traditional shortenings in your baking.

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Q: Is vegetable shortening the same as vegetable oil?
A: No, Vegetable Shortening has trans fat that is made by adding extra hydrogen molecules which is not supposed to happen by nature. So vegetable oil is just the p... Read More »
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Q: What is vegetable shortening.... is it same as vegetable oil?
A: You can use vegetable oil to cook prawn crackers. It will be for best results use vegetable shortening, as it has a higher flash point than oil. Make sure the o... Read More »
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Q: Is vegetable oil the same as vegetable shortening?
A: No, especially with cookies. Use butter (they'll be better than the shortening version)What you want to do is cream the sugar into the fat, but you can't do tha... Read More »
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Q: Are Vegetable oil and vegetable shortening the same thing.
A: Veg. oil is a fatty oil from seeds or fruits. Veg. Shortening is a solid fat made from vegetable oils, such as soybean etc. Veg. oil is a fatty oil from seeds o... Read More »
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Q: Is vegetable oil the same as shortening?
A: Vegetable shortening is a solid fat made from vegetable oils, such as Read More »
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