Did you mean: Is Wrestling Really The Right Spot To Drop From The Olympics?
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Wrestling had been contested at the Summer Olympic Games since the sport was introduced in ... On February 12, 2013, the IOC Executive Board voted to recommend that wrestling be dropped as a core sp...

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Apr 11, 2016 ... Those in the Olympic wrestling community say the temporary drop actually wound up being good for the sport. As Thielke said, "It ended up ...

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Great question since I was stunned by this decision myself. One theory is that per the below is ... FILA really dropped the ball by assuming wrestling was safe from harm. ... Additionally, the subtleties in the sport and of the wrestlers at the Olympic level (the highest level of the sport possible, by the way) are difficult to spot and...

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Aug 18, 2016 ... Wrestling is one of the oldest Olympic sports, dating all the way back to the Ancient Olympic Games ... Wrestling got dropped from the Olympics. ... It was right before our whole women's team got on the plane. ... DZIEDZIC: When the IOC made the vote, actually my wife and I had landed in Bangkok, and we ...

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Aug 4, 2016 ... We're on the ground in Rio covering the 2016 Summer Olympics. ... Surfing's Tyler Wright was beyond stoked, but others were less ... in 2013, when the board voted to drop wrestling from the 2020 Olympics and ... I count six sports, unless Climbing and Surfing is a new sport, but that seems very dangerous.

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Feb 12, 2013 ... "In an effort to ensure the Olympic Games remain relevant to sports fans of all ... It's not a case of what's wrong with wrestling, it is what's right with the 25 core sports. .... But I don't really watch sports to just watch pretty women.

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Feb 12, 2013 ... The board decided to remove wrestling from its list of 25 core sports. ... IOC drops wrestling from 2020 Olympics ... It's not a case of what's wrong with wrestling, it is what's right with the 25 core sports." Wrestling ... No, really.

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Feb 12, 2013 ... Surprise decision removes one of the oldest Olympic sports from the 2020 ... of what's wrong with wrestling, it is what's right with the 25 core sports." ... It is extremely unlikely that wrestling would be voted back in so soon after ...

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Feb 12, 2013 ... Wrestling has been dropped as a sport from the 2020 Games by the ... in Britain able to wrestle at Olympic level is very small, but it's a sport going in a ... of what's wrong with wrestling, it's what is right with the 25 core sports.".

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Feb 14, 2013 ... Why did the IOC choose to ditch a quintessentially Olympic sport, ... that none of the six previously shortlisted sports really cut the mustard.

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The 2016 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 5 to 21 August 2016.
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Sep 8, 2013 ... Wrestling has been reinstated for the 2020 Olympics, seven months after ... dropped from the list of core sports in February, received 49 votes to win ... to remove wrestling, which is one of the truly traditional Olympic sports in ...

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Feb 12, 2013 ... The I.O.C. voted to drop wrestling for the 2020 Games. Credit Adam Pretty/Getty Images. Wrestling, one of the earliest and most elemental Olympic sports, was ... case of what's wrong with wrestling, it is what's right with the 25 core sports.” ... “I think this is a really stupid decision,” the Olympic historian...

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Feb 12, 2013 ... Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling have been dropped from the ... KYLE DAKE: To let it go would just be an abomination, really, and ... The sports that could replace wrestling at the modern Olympics, ... All rights reserved.