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In geometry, a cube is a three-dimensional solid object bounded by six square faces, facets or ... This projection is conformal, preserving angles but not areas or lengths. ...... Regular polygon ·...

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Jan 28, 2014 ... A cube is a three dimensional figure that can be sculpted in three dimensions but can only have projections of it drawn on a flat surface.

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Jul 3, 2013 ... i am reading a book and it said that a cube is not a polygon because it is not flat. but if we look at anything close enough, we can see that ...

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No it is NOT a polygon, because polygons reffer to 2-demensional figures, however, a CUBE is three demensional.

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Feb 4, 2015 ... A polygon is folded to perfectly wrap a cube, covering all of its surface area ... This question does not appear to be about creation and solving of ...

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Polyhedrons are based on polygons, two dimensional plane shapes with straight ... A cube is a regular polyhedron, having six square faces, 12 edges, and eight vertices. ... However the sides of anti-prisms are made up of triangles and not ...

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How many bases does a cube have, and how many faces does it have? ... I am assuming you are learning about polyhedra, not polygons; the ...

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A polygon is a shape which is bounded by straight lines. A square, for example, is a polygon, but a circle is not. If all sides of a polygon have the same length, ...

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A prism is a solid shape in which the top and bottom polygons lie on top of each other. so that the vertical polygons connecting their sides are not only parallelograms but also ... A cube is a solid object with 6 square sides of the same size.

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A regular polyhedron has regular polygon faces (a square or equilateral ... curved 3D shapes such as cylinders, cones and spheres are not polyhedrons.

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Polygons. 1. How many sides does an octagon have? ... 11. Does a polygon usually have more sides or more angles? Explain. ... A cube is not a polygon.

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Polygons. 1. How many sides does an octagon have? ______. 2. How many angles ... 9. What polygon has 6 sides and 6 angles? ... No, a cube is not a polygon.

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A polygon is a flat figure that is made up of straight lines and is enclosed. A few notes on the ... The following figures are not enclosed and are not polygons: