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High school graduates earn, on average, about $1,600 a month more than those ... The stigma connected with GED holders is not present for diploma holders, ...

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For current students who are considering leaving high school early, the GED ... GED vs. High School Diploma Video: Determining the Right Choice for Adults.

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Aug 13, 2008 ... if you tell me in what ways the high school diploma is better or equal to the ged i will give u full ratings.

In Today's Economy, How Far Can A GED Take You? : NPR


Feb 18, 2012 ... It was in lieu of a high school diploma so that returning soldiers ... "The GED is better than no credential for a dropout," he says, "but it's not as ...

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Learn about the differences and impact between obtaining a high school diploma and a GED.

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High School Diploma vs. GED. Article Type: Fight Club. GED. Important Stats. The GED is a test that can prove you have more smarts and skills—and yeah, more ...

Major Differences between a GED and a High School Diploma


one has to put into getting a GED versus a high school diploma. ... GED, a candidate must do better on the test than 60% of the graduating high school seniors ...

GED Certificate or High School Diploma? What's Best for You?


A few accredited schools offer high school diplomas, but they can be costly, and ... equivalent to a high school diploma, and gives you the opportunity for better jobs, ... more in their lifetime than people without a high school or GED certificate.

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It's 1000% better to have a HS diploma than a GED. Not just from the "status" of completing High School, but it also ...

Do Colleges Look at High School Diploma vs. GED? | Education ...


Although a GED diploma was designed to be a substitute for high school graduation, the two diplomas don't necessarily offer the exact same benefits when it ...

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Q: Is a High School Diploma Better Than a GED?
A: It is important to consider the ups and downs of a diploma or GED certificate before enrolling in a specific program. Depending upon your personal circumstances... Read More »
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Q: Why is the High school diploma better than the GED?
A: Getting a GED means you dropped out. Read More »
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Q: Why is a high school diploma better than a GED?
A: It shows you can stick wits a task until its completed. Source(s) //. Read More »
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Q: Why is a High School Diploma better than a GED?
A: Today, thanks to the advent in information technology, anyone can get an accredited online high school diploma from an online school, from the comfort and priva... Read More »
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Q: Is a high school diploma better than a GED or is it the equivalen...
A: I have a G.E.D. and am currently enrolled in college. I dropped out of school not because I was not dedicated(I had straight A status throughout), but because I... Read More »
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