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High School Diplomas versus the GED | The Best Schools


If you're wondering if a high school diploma is better than a GED, here's the complete answer you need that covers aspects you may have never considered.

What's the Value of Graduating High School Versus Earning a GED ...


Aug 28, 2015 ... Would you consider earning a high school equivalency certification instead of a high school diploma? What, if anything, does the high school ...

A High School Diploma v. the GED - Study.com


Individuals searching for A High School Diploma v. the GED found the following information relevant and useful. ... Using the Credential vs. Using the Diploma.

GED Certificate or High School Diploma? What's Best for You?


A few accredited schools offer high school diplomas, but they can be costly, and the ... to a high school diploma, and gives you the opportunity for better jobs, more ... more in their lifetime than people without a high school or GED certificate.

GED Vs. Online High School Diploma: Is there a difference?


Mar 6, 2013 ... Educational credentials go a long way towards career growth. If you were not able to earn a high school diploma in your teens, it's never too ...

High School Diploma vs. GED | CommunityCollegeReview.com


Mar 3, 2015 ... Learn about the differences and impact between obtaining a high school diploma and a GED.

College 101: High School Diploma vs. GED - Shmoop


Combine thatwith the con that even though they earn more than folks without a diploma, GED holders still earn significantly less than high school grads, unless ...

High school diplomas vs. GEDs: Do employers care?


"The biggest difference is degree -- GED or high school diploma -- versus no degree," Yardley explains. Employers want to know they're hiring someone who ...

Difference Between a High School Diploma & a GED | Our Everyday ...


Adults without high school diplomas can use a passing score on the GED to assist in applying to ... The GED can be taken at age 16 or above, and more than 50 percent of those who pass are ... Careerbuider.com: High School Diplomas vs.

High School Equivalency Certificate or Diploma: What's the ...


Aug 27, 2015 ... ... difference in earning a high school equivalency certificate versus a diploma. ... The GED® Certificate and HSED are both options for students ...

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Major Differences between a GED and a High School Diploma


While a GED and a high school diploma both signify that a student has come to posses a set ... one has to put into getting a GED versus a high school diploma.

Should I Get My High School Diploma or GED? - Study.com


On average, students complete their high school diplomas in four years. ... that taking the GED is not academically easier than earning your high school diploma . ..... GED vs. High School Diploma Video: Determining the Right Choice for Adults ...

In Today's Economy, How Far Can A GED Take You? : NPR


Feb 18, 2012 ... It was in lieu of a high school diploma so that returning soldiers .... "The GED is better than no credential for a dropout," he says, "but it's not as ...