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Jun 13, 2014 ... Unlike marriage, getting pregnant and having children does not mean that a ... And therefore the minor should be considered emancipated.

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Emancipated minors are considered adults for several purposes, including ... If a minor does not use contraception, is sexually active, and becomes pregnant, ...

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Apr 10, 2007 ... ... emancipated? Emancipation of Minor Legal Questions & Answers. ... If a 16 year old girl is pregnant, is she considered emancipated?

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Emancipation is the court process through which a minor becomes a legal adult ... This best interest concept is similar to the best interests considered in child ... Pregnancy: If a pregnant girl is seeking emancipation, factors such as how she ...

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A minor is not considered emancipated without an order of court. ... A minor who is emancipated, married, pregnant, or the mother of a child may consent to her ...

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If a minor runs away from home, is he or she considered emancipated? .... Some minors who are pregnant or teen parents are eligible for cash (TAFDC), food ...

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Medical Assistance (MA): A minor is considered emancipated if he/she is: married or; not ... has graduated from high school or; has married or; was pregnant.

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Jan 2, 2011 ... A married minor is automatically emancipated, but of course must have ... A minor is NOT automatically emancipated by pregnancy (although ...

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Emancipation is when a parent gives up control over their minor child. ... becoming emancipated, what conditions must I meet to be considered emancipated? ... for alcohol or mental health treatment, or if you are pregnant, a parent, or married).

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Emancipation means that the parents of a child no longer have authority over their child, and they ... Can an emancipated minor purchase alcoholic beverages ?

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Such persons are considered to be of full age for all legal purposes. Ohio law ... Q: If I become pregnant or have a child while I'm still a minor, am I automatically ...

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If a minor joins the U.S. military service, she is considered emancipated from ... In other U.S. states, a pregnant minor child remains entitled to child support as ...

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The minors are considered emancipated and allowed to consent to such care. This emancipation ends when the medical care or treatment is completed.