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X-Axis and Y-Axis: An Easy Trick to Remember them Forever


The x-axis is a horizontal line and the y-axis is a vertical line. I'm sure you've heard that a million times, but it might hard for you to remember which one is which.

MathSteps: Grade 4: Coordinate Graphing: What Is It?


A coordinate grid has two perpendicular lines, or axes, labeled like number lines. The horizontal axis is called the x-axis. The vertical axis is called the y-axis.

BBC - KS3 Bitesize Maths - Coordinates : Revision, Page 2


Here is a diagram of a typical set of axes. Coordinates. The point (0,0) is called the origin. The horizontal axis is the x-axis. The vertical axis is the y-axis.

If we take horizontal x axis and vertical y axis, is this a standard ...


Jan 2, 2016 ... Yes, it is. It is used widely around the world and it is a mathematical agreed convention. There is nothing like the the x -axis being vertical and y ...

Chart Axes in Excel - EASY Excel Tutorial


Most chart types have two axes: a horizontal axis (or x-axis) and a vertical axis (or y-axis). This example teaches you how to change the axis type, add axis titles ...

Coordinate system and ordered pairs (Pre-Algebra, Introducing ...


The horizontal axis is called the x-axis and the vertical axis is called the y-axis. The center of the coordinate system (where the lines intersect) is called the origin .

Definition of Axis (graph) - Math is Fun


Axis (graph). more ... Axis (graph). A reference line drawn on a graph (you can measure from it to find values). Here is a graph with an X Axis and a Y Axis.

Definition of X Axis - Math is Fun


X Axis. more ... X Axis. The line on a graph that runs horizontally (left-right) through zero. It is used as a reference line so you can measure from it.

English Text - The Monterey Institute for Technology and Education


... the horizontal and vertical axes. The straight line on the graph below intercepts the two coordinate axes. The point where the line crosses the x-axis is called ...

The Coordinate Plane - The Monterey Institute for Technology and ...


The horizontal axis in the coordinate plane is called the x-axis. The vertical axis is called the y-axis. The point at which the two axes intersect is called the origin.

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Horizontal and Vertical Lines - Interactive Maths Series software


Plotting a horizontal line and plotting a vertical line. ... A line parallel to the x-axis is called a horizontal line. The graph of a relation of the form x = 5 is a line ...

What is the difference between the x- and y-axis? | Reference.com


The x-axis is essentially an infinite number line running horizontally in both ... The y-axis is a similar number line, only running vertically and perpendicular to the ...

Intercepts of Lines - AlgebraLAB


Intercepts are where a graph crosses either the x-axis or the y-axis. ... These are horizontal lines and vertical lines. ... A vertical line is in the form x = h; that is,