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Yawning is thought to cool the brain and make it more alert. Simultaneous yawning may occur when a group of people are all breathing the same warm, stale air. Or contagious yawning may have evolved to help groups remain vigilant against danger.


This "contagious" yawning has also been observed in chimpanzees, dogs, and can .... In fact, the autistic children actually yawned less during the videos of ...

Why Is Yawning So Contagious? | Psychology Today

Mar 16, 2014 ... The study (link is external), titled “Individual Variation in Contagious Yawning Susceptibility Is Highly Stable and Largely Unexplained by ...

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Contagious yawning is associated with the same parts of the brain that deal with ... but whether or not you're susceptible to contagious yawning may actually be ...

Facts About Yawning: Why We Do It, Why It's Contagious And More

Jun 10, 2013 ... Yawning Really Is Contagious It's true! One study found that when shown videos of yawning, around 50 percent of people also began yawning.

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The Mythbusters asked the question: Is yawning contagious? Investigate with the Mythbusters whether yawning really is contagious.

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Sep 15, 2010 ... Find out Why Is Yawning Contagious in this article. ... "The fact that autistic kids don't do it might mean they're really missing out on that ...

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Jun 28, 2013 ... Contagious yawning has been observed in humans' closest relatives, ... Along with being contagious, yawning is highly suggestible, meaning ...

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Aug 4, 2014 ... Babies, dogs, cats, birds, mice, rats and even snakes yawn, and some of us were even doing it in the womb. Although for thousands of years ...

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Jun 11, 2015 ... Yawning feels good, so why not join in when someone else yawns? Well, you're not really “joining in,” because you aren't copying the yawn on ...

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Q: Is yawning really contagious?
A: Yes.I didn't know farting is contagious. Read More »
Q: Is yawning really contagious?
A: Not medical advice: Yes, yawning can sometimes be contagious, possibly as a result of an unconscious mirroring behavior! Read More »
Q: Is yawning really contagious?
A: Yup! I don't know of a single time in my life when it was proven not to be. Sooner or later it happens. Read More »
Q: Is a yawn really contagious?
A: Yes, yawning is 'contagious' Seeing someone yawn, hearing them yawn and even reading Read More »
Q: Are yawns really contagious?
A: Yawns are contagious. Actually i heard of a piece of research where it was discovered that it is more likely that yawning will be contagious if you see a family... Read More »