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Islam in India


Islam is a minority religion in India, with 14.2% of the country's population or roughly 172 million people identifying as adherents (2011 census). Islam first came to the western coast of India...

Islam was FIRST introduced into India by Arab - Answers.com


Arab merchants.

How Islam Spread in India | islam.ru


Apr 2, 2013 ... Through continued trade between Arab Muslims and Indians, Islam continued to ... The first great expansion of Islam into India came during the ...

FC52: The coming of Islam to India (711-c.1800) - The Flow of History


However, in 711 C.E., India faced for the first time a vital people with a culture ... For 1000 years following the entry of the Arab Muslims into India, a basic pattern  ...

Getting to the Bottom of 'Islamic Art' - The New York Times


Mar 2, 2012 ... In the Arab Near East lands like Syria and Iraq also have age-old pasts. ... history of the Persianate Islamic culture first introduced into India by ...

Islamic Mathematics - The Story of Mathematics


The Islamic Empire established across Persia, the Middle East, Central Asia, North ... the major Greek and Indian mathematical and astronomy works into Arabic. ... Al-Khwarizmi's other important contribution was algebra, and he introduced the ... Al-Karaji was the first to use the method of proof by mathematical induction to ....

The Conquest of Sindh | History of Islam


It was through these merchants that Islam was first introduced into Kerala in southwestern India and Sri Lanka, located near the tip of India. ... for defense, enabling the Arab armies to continue their global advance towards military and political ...

The Origins of Islamic Law - Constitutional Rights Foundation


Muhammad introduced a new religion into this chaotic Arab world. ... control of the empire in 661, extended Islam into India, Northwest Africa, and Spain. ... in solving a legal question, the kadi or government judge should first consult the Koran.

Islamic Civilization | Middle East Institute


Jan 24, 2012 ... Islam civilization is based on the value of education, which both the Qur'an ... can traces of the Greek, the Indian, and the Pre-Islamic Persian cultures. .... The Greek work, from the first century BC, was translated into Arabic in ...

Islam in South Asia | Islam, Youth & New Media


Although there are no precise figures, the Muslim population in India seems to ... First introduced by Arab traders in the seventh century, Islam flourished over the ...

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Lost Islamic History | How Islam Spread in India


Nov 24, 2012 ... Through continued trade between Arab Muslims and Indians, Islam continued to ... The first great expansion of Islam into India came during the ...

How did Islam come to India and how did it spread? - Quora


India's first encounter with Islam started with the arrival Mahmud of Ghazni arrival ... 27 Hindu temples were converted into rubble and used as the raw material to .... Islam first came to the western coast of India with Arab traders as early as 7th ...

Here's the truth behind the veil - Times of India


Although the word 'burqa' existed in the Arabic vocabulary at that time, the Quran did not ... History shows that the present veil or burqa first came into vogue in Persia. ... Many things were introduced into Islamic culture from the Persian culture.