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The United States presidential election of 1948 was the 41st quadrennial presidential election, .... The sole issue of the debate concerned whether to outlaw the Communist Party of the United States...

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The Campaign and Election of 1948: ... On domestic issues, Dewey was a moderate critic of the New Deal, which he disliked more for its means than its ends.

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Results of the presidential election of 1948, won by with electoral votes. ... Truman won Tennessee; however one Elector cast a vote for Thurmond; Issues of the ...

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Student Activity Presidential Campaign of 1948 ... Issues for Discussion .... Who was predicted to win the 1948 presidential election according to this cartoon?

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Members of this States' Rights party thus hoped to obtain political bargaining power on civil rights issues if the election was thrown into the lower house. [10][ 10] ...

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The role of Election of 1948: Dewey Does (not) Defeat Truman in the history of the ... hoping to assure victory by avoiding discussion of troublesome issues.

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Jan 31, 2016 ... The roots of the 1948 election date to 1940, when Pres. ... (Truman would issue Executive Order 9981 desegregating the military on July 26.) ...

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Nov 1, 2013 ... On November 3, 1948, the day after the U.S. presidential election, the ... Truman's political reputation was damaged when issues such as rising ...

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Harry Truman entered the 1948 presidential campaign an almost certain loser. ... the Republicans with the charge that their 1948 platform was built only for the purposes of the election. ... The Democratic party had problems of its own.

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Learn more about the election of 1948 in the Boundless open textbook. ... by name, criticized Dewey's refusal to address specific issues, and scornfully targeted ...

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Oct 10, 2008 ... What were the issues? ... From that time in 1945 until the election in 1948, Truman devoted much time converting a wartime economy to a ...

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... BA, MLIS OVERVIEW Election Year: 1948 Election Day Date: November 2, 1948 Winning Ticket: Harry Truman, ... Central Issues (Nomination/Primaries):.

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The 1948 failure of the U.S. pre-election polls was an occasion for social ... A critical task in all public opinion polling on issues is the choice of topics for the ...