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The United States presidential election of 1860 was the 19th presidential election . The election ... In 1860, these issues broke the Democratic Party into Northern and Southern factions, and a new C...

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The Election of 1860. ... best way out of the present difficulties that faced the nation was to take no stand at all on the issues that divided the north and the south.

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The 1860 election, in which Abraham Lincoln was elected, was very important. ... against the formation of sectional parties and disunion over the slavery issue.

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The role of Election of 1860 in the history of the United States of America. ... the Republicans proclaimed that each state could decide the issue within its own ...

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The most important and divisive presidential election in American history took place in 1860. John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry a year earlier had brought the  ...

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Abraham Lincoln nurtured his 1860 presidential candidacy while politely ... with this western lawyer and his unique approach to discussing national issues.

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Jul 15, 2016 ... Results of the American presidential election, 1860… ... In attempting to ignore the slavery issue, the party's platform particularly appealed to ...

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The Candidates and the Issues. The election of 1860 was rocky right from the very beginning as four major candidates accepted nominations for the presidency.

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Mar 4, 2007 ... The candidates at the time did not always articulate it, but the election of 1860 was primarily about slavery and the issue determined the ...

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Presidential Election of 1860: A Resource Guide (Virtual Services and ... November 10, 1860 (Lincoln will not issue a public statement to reassure the South).

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Results of the presidential election of 1860, won by with electoral votes. ... In 1860, this issue finally came to a head, fracturing the formerly dominant Democratic ...

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Going into the presidential election of 1860, the issue of slavery had heated the nation to the boiling point. How were the political parties going to maintain unity ...

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Jul 23, 2008 ... But the tone of the 1860 presidential campaign was anything but moderate. Slavery was the central issue and Lincoln, while he wanted to ...