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Traditions of Italy


Traditions of Italy are some set of traditions, beliefs, values, and customs that belongs within the culture of Italian people. These can include Christmas, Ognissanti, etc. See also[edit]. Italian ...

Buon Natale - Holiday Traditions - Italy


Christmas, as it is celebrated in Italy, has two origins: the familiar traditions of Christianity blended with the pagan traditions predating the Christmas era.

The Top Italian National Holidays: Christmas, Carnevale, and ...


Jan 4, 2014 ... January 6: The Epiphany, celebrated as a national holiday, marks the ... Local holidays in traditions in Italy's biggest cities: Although there are a ...

Feasts of Natale | A Traditional Italian Christmas - DeLallo


Natale, or Christmas, is one of Italy's most beloved holidays, where each region celebrates 3 meals with its own line-up of traditional dishes. Take a peek into ...

List of Italian Holidays and Festivals All Year - Italian Language


Italian holidays, festivals, and feast days reflect Italian culture, history, and religious practices. Some Italian ... Culture and Traditions · Festivals / Holidays ...

Christmas Traditions in Italy - Boise State University


Christmas in Italy. Traditions. The Christmas season lasts for 3 weeks in Italy. ... is a traditional cake filled with candied fruit that is very popular during the holiday ...

Italy's Holiday Traditions - Smithsonian Associates


The festivals, foods, and spectacular customs of the holiday season last a glorious three weeks in Italy. Join food historian and author Francine Segan for a lively ...

Italian Culture: Facts, Customs & Traditions - Live Science


Jan 29, 2015 ... Here is a brief overview of Italian customs and traditions. ... November 1 commemorates Saints Day, a religious holiday during which Italians ...

20 Traditional Christmas Dishes From All Around Italy - Huffington Post


Dec 18, 2014 ... The answer is that there's no dish in particular that can be found on every single Italian holiday table. Each region has its own traditional dish ...

Italian Customs and Traditions - How Italian Traditions Work ...


Italian tradition is filled with festivals celebrating saints, holidays and important events in Italian history. In Venice they celebrate Carnivale di Venezia, ...

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The Best Christmas Traditions in Italy - Walks of Italy


Nov 25, 2013 ... Christmas is a major holiday in Italy… which means Italians celebrate lots of great, unique Christmas traditions! Across Italy, Natale tends to be ...

Holidays in Italy | Italy


Many of the most popular Italian holidays are shared with all the western world, ... Day, the second, are associated strongly with Catholic tradition and belief.

Buon Natale! Christmas in Italy - Italian Christmas Traditions


Traditions, rituals, and customs practiced by Italians during the Christmas holidays.