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Itchy skin, also known as pruritus, is an irritating and uncontrollable sensation ... range from internal illnesses, such as kidney or liver disease, to skin rashes,.

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Jan 28, 2014 ... Itchy skin (pruritus) — Comprehensive overview covers causes, ... Or itchy skin may be a symptom of a disease, such as liver disease or kidney ...

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Jun 11, 2015 ... Pruritus simply means itching. It can be associated with a number of disorders, including dry skin, skin disease, pregnancy, and rarely, cancer.

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Lichen simplex chronicus is a skin condition caused by chronic itching and scratching. ... This skin disorder leads to scratching, which then causes more itching.

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Mar 8, 2016 ... Pruritus, or itch, is most commonly associated with a primary skin ... when a primary skin condition cannot be identified as the cause of pruritus, ...

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Apr 19, 2015 ... Itchy skin can become a nuisance, particularly when the cause is unclear. Itchiness is usually associated with skin disorders, but it can ...

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Several skin diseases are associated with pruritus; some are listed in Box 1. Itching is an important component of some disorders (atopic eczema, dermatitis ...

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Mar 13, 2016 ... Typical causes of localised itchy rashes ... Some systemic disorders that cause pruritus ... Pruritus is often a symptom of many skin diseases.

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See a picture of and learn about eczema, a common skin condition in the ... starts as a cluster of blisters that progresses into a thick, scaly, intensely itchy rash.

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An itch is often caused by a condition affecting the skin, but it can be a sign of a more serious underlying problem.

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Itchy skin (pruritus) — Comprehensive overview covers causes, treatments and ... These include liver disease, malabsorption of wheat (celiac disease), kidney ...

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Feb 16, 2016 ... Common symptoms and signs associated with itching include rash, dry ... Skin Disease Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions ...

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Itching makes people want to scratch. Scratching temporarily relieves itching but can damage the skin, sometimes resulting in more itching or infection. Over time  ...