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James Ellsworth Ferrell (born November 3, 1955) is an American systems biologist. He is a ... Retrieved 2015-03-06. Jump up ^ Huang CY, Ferrell JE Jr. Ultrasensitivity in the mitogen-activated prote...

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The Ferrell lab is working to understand the design principles of biochemical switches, timers, and oscillators, especially those that control the cell cycle.

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127: Ha SH, Ferrell JE Jr. Thresholds and ultrasensitivity from negative cooperativity. ... 126: Ferrell JE Jr. Perfect and near-perfect adaptation in cell signaling.

Self-perpetuating states in signal transduction: positive feedback ...


Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2002 Apr;14(2):140-8. Self-perpetuating states in signal transduction: positive feedback, double-negative feedback and bistability. Ferrell JE ...

Simple, realistic models of complex biological processes: Positive ...


James E. Ferrell Jr.<sup>,</sup> ,; Joseph R. Pomerening,; Sun Young Kim,; Nikki B. Trunnell, ; Wen Xiong,; Chi-Ying ..... [5]; C.P. Bagowski, J.W. Myers, J.E. Ferrell Jr.

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Mar 18, 2011 ... Ferrell JE Jr(1), Tsai TY, Yang Q. Author information: (1)Department of Chemical and Systems Biology, Stanford University School of Medicine, ...

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STIM is a Ca 2+ sensor essential for Ca 2+-store-depletion-triggered Ca 2+ influx . J Liou, ML Kim, W Do Heo, JT Jones, JW Myers, JE Ferrell, T Meyer.

A positive-feedback-based bistable /`memory module/' that governs ...


Correspondence to: James E. Ferrell, Jr Email: james.ferrell@stanford.edu ..... Ferrell, J. E. Self-perpetuating states in signal transduction: positive feedback, ...

Ultrasensitivity in the mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade


CHI-YING F. HUANG AND JAMES E. FERRELL, JR.t. Department of ...... 333, 183 -187. 23. Huang, C.-Y. F. & Ferrell, J. E., Jr. (1996) EMBO J. 15, 2169-2173. 24.

Detection of multistability, bifurcations, and hysteresis in a large ...


Feb 17, 2004 ... David Angeli*,; James E. Ferrell, Jr.†, and; Eduardo D. Sontag‡,§ ...... Pomerening, J. R., Sontag, E. D. & Ferrell, J. E., Jr. (2003) Nat. Cell Biol.

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The Prozone Effect Accounts for the Paradoxical Function of the Cdk-Binding Protein Suc1/Cks CELL REPORTS Ha, S. H., Kim, S. Y., Ferrell, J. E. 2016; 14 (6):  ...

Systems-level dissection of the cell-cycle oscillator: bypassing ...


Systems-level dissection of the cell-cycle oscillator: bypassing positive feedback produces damped oscillations. Pomerening JR(1), Kim SY, Ferrell JE Jr.

Bistability in cell signaling: How to make continuous processes ...


Bistability in cell signaling: How to make continuous processes discontinuous, and reversible processes irreversible. Ferrell JE(1), Xiong W. Author information: