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FAQ: Writing to an inmate - Florida Department of Corrections


City, State Zip Code, Example: Doe, John DC# 012456 ... pages shall be made to the warden or his designee prior to sending the material. .... 4. How does an inmate receive books, periodicals (magazines/newsletters), or other publications ?

Lawriter - OAC - 5120-9-31 The inmate grievance procedure.


... the identity of the personnel involved, a "John/Jane Doe" complaint may be filed. ... response is provided to the informal complaint within four calendar days. ... Any pattern of non-compliance by staff shall be reported to the warden for appropriate action. ... The chief inspector or designee shall be notified of all ext...



ARREST WARRANTS FOR FURLOUGHED INMATES Page 1 of 4 ... Wardens or their designee shaii be a authorized agent of the Department of .... John Doe, SSN #123~45~6789, an inmate under the jurisdiction of the Department of.



Werholtz, Secretary of Corrections; “John/Jane Doe”; “Warden's administrative segregation hearing officer designee,” EDCF; and. Aimee Huffman, Unit Team .... trust fund account as authorized by 28 U.S.C. § 1915(b)(2).4. IT IS FURTHER ...

Wyoming Prison Mail Information [Archive] - Prison Talk


Mar 8, 2006 ... 4. County and prosecuting attorneys; 5. Board of Parole; 6. Federal, State, Local and Tribal Courts; 7. ... Example: John Doe #12345 ... The rejection of mail will be at the decision of the warden/superintendent or designee. 1.

Attachment 3 - Nevada Department of Corrections - State of Nevada

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NURSE JANE DOE 1; JOHN DOE 1, as. Shift Supervisor at FWMCC; and JOHN ... 4 Warden of Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center (“FMWCC”); Sergeant ..... The Shift Supervisor, in consultation with the Warden or designee, will ...

Inmate Handbook - Rhode Island Department of Corrections

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CHAPTER 4 – PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS. Visits. 16 ..... John/Jane Doe ( Inmate's name) .... by the Warden or designee of the facility on a case-by-case basis.

West Virginia SCC Inmate Handbook.pdf

www.law.umich.edu/special/policyclearinghouse/Documents/West Virginia SCC Inmate Handbook.pdf

3. The inmate will be classified in accordance with Policy Directive 401.01. 4. As part of ... John Doe is sentenced to 1-10 Years, with an effective sentence date of 01-01-01. ii. Upon entry into ...... approval of the Warden/designee. e. Three-way  ...

Saguaro Correctional Center 2013 Inmate Handbook

www.law.umich.edu/special/policyclearinghouse/Documents/Hawaii Saguaro CC Inmate Hdbk.pdf

Warden: The person who has final authority on all matters with the facility. ..... Inmate John Doe AOOOOOO. 1252 E. Arica Rd .... grievances may be limited by the Warden/Designee per policy. .... Travel North on Hwy 87 approximately 4 miles.

Inmate Mail - Wyoming Department of Corrections - State of Wyoming


Aug 22, 2016 ... 4. Allow inmates in segregation status to write and receive letters on the same basis as inmates in .... Examples: John Doe #12345. Jane Smith #56789 ..... official mail will be logged by the warden or designee. iii. The log shall ...