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Jamaican Patois

Jamaican Patois, known locally as Patois (Patwa or Patwah) and called Jamaican Creole by linguists, is an English-based creole language with West African ...

Jamaican alphabet, prounciation and language - Omniglot

Details of Jamaican, a creole language based on English and African languages spoken about over 4 million people mainly in Jamaica. Language&v=uO77ibguzYA
Feb 21, 2013 ... Jamaican Patois is a mixture of a lot more than broken English, which is the ... Patois itself, is considered to be any language that is considered ...

Jamaican Patois Language Translator

Jamaican Patois Language Translator for free. Jamaicanize makes it easy to learn the Jamaican Patois language and translate English to Jamaican Patois ... Language&v=dF7Q3ROyWW8
Oct 20, 2012 ... The standard language of jamaica is english, patois is a local dialect .... Jamaican patois is not impossible to understand just like any other ...

Rasta/Patois Dictionary - Jammin Reggae Archives

CLOT, : 1. cloth, an essential part of most Jamaican bad words, such as bumbo clot, rass clot, blood clot, etc. The essence of Jamaican cursing seems to be ...

Jamaican Creole English | Ethnologue

Listing of language information for Jamaican Creole English.

Patois: the language of Jamaica, Paxton Belcher-Timme

Paxton Belcher-Timme. Rhetoric of Reggae. December 1, 2009. Patois: the language of Jamaica. Introduction: For a country of only 2.7 million people[1], ...

Jamaican Patois and the Power of

Language in Jamaica today reflects the history of the country's interaction with a variety of cultures and languages from many ethnic, linguistic, and social ...

Jamaica Travel Information and Travel Guide
Despite its location almost smack in the center of the Caribbean Sea, the island of Jamaica doesn't blend in easily with the rest of the Caribbean archipelago. To be sure, it boasts the same ... More »
Popular Q&A
Q: What is the name of jamaicans language?
A: jamaicans speak "patois" (patwaw) NOT CREOLE ! Read More »
Q: What is a jamaican language?
A: Jamaica does not have an official language However Native Jamaicans do speak a form of broken english referred to as "patoi" Read More »
Q: What is the name of the Jamaican language
A: The official language of Jamaica is English, although their is a va... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: Is there a Jamaican language?
A: On Jamaica there is (officially) Jamaican English, which is the language taught in school. What you hear many people speak, however, is quite different. The Jam... Read More »
Q: What is the translation of 'happy birthday' in Jamaican language?
A: The English phrase "Happy Birthday" is translated Read More »