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The names "John Doe" or "John Roe" for men, "Jane Doe" or "Jane Roe" for women, or "Johnnie Doe" and "Janie Doe" for children, or just "...

Why Are Unidentified People Called John or Jane Doe? | Mental Floss


Feb 15, 2012 ... From the courts to the morgue, if the government doesn't know someone's name or wants to withhold it, they give them one of these as a ...

Complaint Filed 11-5-14 - Jacob Litigation


Case 1:14-cv-02120-JEJ Document 1 Filed 11/05/14 Page 1 of 19 ... Defendants, Jane/John Doe 1-10, are adult individuals, who, during all relevant times, were ...

Oklahoma Jane & John Doe - missing in america


Reconstruction of Victim and victim's tattoos. Unidentified Male. Date of Discovery : April 9, 1995. Location of Discovery: McAlester, Oklahoma. Estimated Date of ...



May 25, 2016 ... against his granddaughters, Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2. In a prior appeal ... Defendant would touch Jane Doe 1's breasts for 20 or 30 minutes.

Urban Dictionary: jane doe

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This is the name for official records for any woman who is unidentified and dead/ alive. And as everbody knows John Doe is the male version of the name.

The Names of the Nameless: Move Over, John Doe and John Q ...


Jun 19, 2014 ... John Doe is most often a specific individual whose identity is either unknown (as in the ... What's more, the translation of John to Jane doesn't seem a satisfactory representation of generic women. .... June 24, 2014 1:14 PM.

Left for dead: How America fails the missing and unidentified | Reveal


Sep 2, 2015 ... “Mountain Jane Doe,” as some locals know her, was stabbed to .... Some Jane and John Doe cases aren't just cold – they're in deep freeze.

10 Mysterious Cases Involving Unidentified People - Listverse


Jun 14, 2013 ... They are simply known as “John Doe” or “Jane Doe” until their real identities can be discovered. But unfortunately, sometimes this just never ...

Cause of Death in “John Doe & Jane Doe”: A 5 year review - NCBI


Aug 20, 2014 ... Sometimes the opinion regarding the cause of death in “John Doe or Jane Doe” i.e. on unknown dead bodies is a test of ability of the forensic ...

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history - “John Doe”, “Jane Doe” - Why are they used many times ...


Jul 12, 2011 ... I received answer that John doe is used as anyonymous person ... More recently, besides John/Jane Doe, certain names have come to be ...

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Compare Jane Doe, Richard Roe. 3. of or for an unknown person; using the name John Doe to stand for an unknown person: The judge issued a John Doe ...

john and jane does 1 through 100, john doe


JOHN DOE CORPORATIONS 1 THROUGH 10, and. OTHER JOHN ... Defendants identified at this juncture as John and Jane Doe defendants. Because the ...