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By Namiko Abe, Guide
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Q: What girl name means Japanese Beauty?
A: FUMIKO Japanese name meaning "child of treasured beauty. ... This name is usually given to girl... Read More »
Q: What is the Japanese meaning beauty?
A: The kanji 'bi' means "beauty, and is written: 美. Read More »
Q: Why are Japanese beauty products of such high quality?
A: Because Japan usually has the high price materials to make the item. Read More »
Q: How to have japanese beauty in Irish skin?
A: I laughed pretty hard when i saw this question, because I am Japanese and I think the Irish are a beautiful people- love the culture too! My kids have Irish nam... Read More »
Q: Japanese Beauty Tips.
A: Supple Skin. Japanese women use both diet and topical skin treatments to achieve smooth, supple skin. According to China Town Connection, "one of the most commo... Read More »