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Japanese names in modern times usually consist of a family name (surname), followed by a .... Multiple Japanese characters have the same pronunciations, so several Japanese names have multiple meani...

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Japanese names are used in Japan and in Japanese communities ..... From Japanese 愛 (ai) meaning "love, affection" and 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful"... [ more].

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AIMI (愛美): Japanese name meaning "love beauty." AKANE (茜): Japanese name meaning "brilliant red." AKEMI (明美): Japanese name meaning "bright beauty ...

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AKI (1-秋, 2-明, 3-晶): Japanese unisex name meaning: 1) "autumn" 2) "bright" 3) "sparkle." Compare ... AKIHIKO (明彦): Japanese name meaning "bright prince.".

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Whether you choose a traditional Japanese baby name (Masao) or a more modern one (Hina), one thing is for sure, it's meaning in Japanese is likely to be ...

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Useful information about Japanese Male Names or Surnames used in Japan. ... The list can be used to name newborn babies, or to find out the meaning of a ...

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A service that offers a variety of boy & girl baby names, including Japanese boy & girl baby names with name, meaning, origin and gender.

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Page 2 - Really Cool Female Japanese Names - Search FREE Database of 1000's of Tough boy ... M/F, Female Japanese Names, Meaning of Name, Origin.

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Over 30,000 Unique Baby Name Meanings. Image: RebeccaVC1/Flickr ... O · P · Q · R · S · T · U · V · W · X · Y · Z. 110 results found for "Japanese baby names" ...

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(Many names have several writings, with different meanings according to the actual kanji used.) To resolve such ambiguities the Japanese use Hiragana where ...

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Get inspired by the history and cultural heritage of one of the world's biggest powers! Choose from 1000's of Japanese names and discover their backgrounds  ...

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Search through thousands of Japanese Names that start with.

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Fanpop original article: AI meaning "love" (愛藍) - Japanese girl name.AIKA meaning "love song" (愛佳...