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Sports in Japan are a significant part of Japanese culture. Both traditional sports such as sumo and martial arts, and Western imports ... as divination - e.g. if a well -liked fisherman competed and won, a good catch was predicted for the year. ... discipline, but Japanese have now come to enjoy them as recreational activities.


As a result, Japanese increasingly began to participate in sports and games, ... in recreational and sport facilities, and sales of recreation equipment, became ...


According to Japan's Ministry of Foreign ... Kumamoto Prefecture as good game for old ...


Many different sports are played in Japan. Traditional martial arts like judo and kendo are popular, as are sports imported from overseas, such as baseball and ...


Japanese Americans brought a majority of sports equipment in these camps, but many also used gear purchased through mail-order catalogs or provided by the ...


Tabata Co., Ltd. is an international sporting goods manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. With ISO 9001 certified design, engineering, testing and ...


About Japanese comics and animation. Amusement Parks About amusement and theme parks in Japan. Pachinko A mixture between pinball and slot machine .


Nov 12, 1990 ... The Japanese love skiing almost as much as golf, and their investments ... interests in the Japanese sporting goods and leisure industries.


NRAJ- National Recreation Association of Japan. (info and pictures). Yokohama Rapport- the Sports and Cultural Center for the Disabled (info & pictures).


If you can play it, ride it, surf it or ski it, chances are good we've represented it. Our Sports and Recreation Group represents a wide variety of designers, ...