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36 results ... Park, H. Hejin, R. Heasley, L. Sun, V. Steinmann, R. Jaramillo, ... U. Segre, et al., " Dopant activation in Sn-doped Ga2O3 investigated by X-ray ...


On February 27, 1998, two armed men entered Jesús María Valle Jaramillo's, a human rights defender, office in Medellín and took him hostage and killed him.


For example, the Queule River () and Biobio River (), similar to the Budi Lagoon, ... would consequently cause eutrophication and even episodic crises of anoxia (; ). ... en el estuario del Río Lingue (Valdivia, Chile). Rev. Chil. Hist. Nat., v. 62, p.


Arora V, Nikhil V, Suri NK and Arora P. 1Department .... Sladek et al. studied the interactions of the plasma with dental tissue using a plasma needle [30]. It is an ...


F. J. López-Jaramillo,a,b*. F. Pérez-Banderas,b ... al., 2003; De Lucas et al., 2003 ) or by the manipulation of the protein to change its intrinsic ... (Sigma) in 90mM phosphate buffer pH 7.7 and 10%(v/v) 2-propanol (Sigma) with .... Biol. 142, 88– 97. De Lucas, L. J., Bray, T. L., Nagy, L., McCombs, D., Chernov, N., Hamrick, D.,.