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The Jazz Age was a period in the 1920s, ending with the Great Depression, in which jazz music and dance styles became popular, mainly in the United States,  ...

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Learn more about the jazz age in the Boundless open textbook. Jazz music exploded as popular entertainment in the 1920s and brought African-American ...

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The Scopes trial was a signature event of the Jazz Age. It had that "ballyhoo" spirit so typical of the 1920s. In one way, however, it was atypical. The Scopes trial ...

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The novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald termed the 1920s "the Jazz Age." With its earthy rhythms, fast beat, and improvisational style, jazz symbolized the decade's spirit ...

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The 1920s were an age of dramatic social and political change. ... Jazz bands played at dance halls like the Savoy in New York City and the Aragon in Chicago;  ...

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Find a summary, definition and facts about the Jazz Age for kids. The history of the Jazz Age, the events, quotes, people and jazz music. Interesting facts about ...

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Fitzgerald coined the phrase, "the Jazz Age" that same year to describe the flamboyant—"anything goes"—era that emerged in America after World War I. Find ...

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Jazz Age definition, the period that in the U.S. extended roughly from the Armistice of 1918 to the stock-market crash of 1929 and was notable for increased ...

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American Jazz Culture in the 1920S Note. King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band ... Jazz Age Pages: This page provides links to some of the greatest web pages on ...

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The Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island June 11th & 12th and August 13th & 14th, 2016.