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is certainly a logical question to ask. He changed the world in only 30 years on earth, and no one has had more of an impact on this planet than Jesus Christ.


Mar 21, 2016 ... Wasn't Jesus actually a failure? After all, at the beginning of His last week on earth He hoped people would make Him into their king, but by the ...


Jesus did and said so many different things, but what precisely was His mission? ... It could be said that the fundamental mission of Christ's time on earth was to ...


To help the children understand the mission of Jesus Christ. Note to the teacher: This ... What are some of the things Jesus did before he was born on the earth?


Jesus came to Earth for you. What is most important about Jesus' mission to Earth is that it directly affects your life now and forever. Jesus came to restore your ...


It was because this tiny baby was Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Heavenly Father had sent Him to earth with a special mission. Jesus Christ would do something ...


If the Bible is true, and Jesus really is the Son of God, why did he leave the splendour ... Here, in a nutshell, is the one great purpose of Jesus coming to earth.


Mar 16, 2015 ... Who is Jesus Christ? Why does it matter? What was his purpose on earth? We discuss these questions and more in this post.


Part One: What was the Mission of Jesus? Why did Jesus come to earth? Read Luke 4:16-21. What does this passage tell us about the mission of Jesus?


Missions and The Genealogy of Jesus ... Missions, the Centurion and Jesus ... the gospel of Jesus, the King of the kingdom of heaven, to all the nations on earth .