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Mary Magdalene or Mary of Magdala and sometimes the Magdalene, is a figure in Christianity who, according to the Bible, traveled with Jesus as one of his followers. She is said to have witnessed Jes...

What was the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene ...


May 15, 2006 ... It is clear from the Gospels that Mary Magdalene had a great love for Jesus. She had been freed by him from possession by seven devils, had ...

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These are among the few specific assertions made about Mary Magdalene in the ... This prominence derived from the intimacy of her relationship with Jesus, ...

The Case for and Intimate Relationship between Jesus and Mary ...


Sep 22, 2012 ... Those texts show an intimate and very special relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Moreover, a close examination of the ...

The ancient manuscript that claims Jesus married Mary Magdalene


Apr 14, 2016 ... What you are about to read is a detective story. We have uncovered an ancient writing that is encrypted with a hidden meaning. In the process ...

Jesus & Mary Magdalene were 'married with children,' ancient ...


Nov 10, 2014 ... Jesus was a devoted family man with two kids and Mary Magdalene for his wife, a new history book based on an ancient manuscript claims.

Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene according to early Christians ...


Certainly, the Gospel of Philip which talks about Jesus and Mary Magdalene was ... relationship between her and Jesus, even referring to her as his "beloved."

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There is Mary, the mother of Jesus (Matthew 1:18), Mary Magdalene (Luke 8:2), and Mary ... Where are the passages about her physical relationship with Christ?

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Jesus and Mary Magdalene might have been married, or so says the Gospel of Philip. ... that the other apostles might have felt for Mary's relationship with Jesus.

'Lost gospel' claims Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and ...


Nov 12, 2014 ... Mary Magdalene was a "co-messiah", the wife of Jesus and the mother of his children, according to a translation of an ancient manuscript.

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Was Mary Magdalene Wife of Jesus? Was Mary Magdalene a ...


Jan 9, 2016 ... Only the Western church has said that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. ... looking for a lover or wife for Jesus, they all chose Mary Magdalene. ..... to believe they had a close relationship but I do not believe she was his wife.

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Unlike other Jewish teachers of his day, Jesus had close relationships with women, many of whom .... Part 4d: Mary Magdalene in The Sophia of Jesus Christ.



This is why Mary and Joseph did not realize for some time that the boy Jesus was ... done if she and Jesus had had the sort of intimate relationship that has been .... Bible Women: The Da Vinci Code: Why Mary Magdalene did not marry Jesus ...