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The date of birth of Jesus of Nazareth is not stated in ... used to estimate the year of the birth of Jesus: one ...

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Some people have calculated that there were 4000 years from creation to the birth of Jesus. This would mean that 2000 A.D. placed us 6000 years after creation.

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There is a good reason why Jesus wasn't born in Year Zero: there wasn't one. The sequence of years before Christ ends at 1 B.C. and the A.D. series picks up ...

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2 days ago ... Jesus Christ was hailed by the people of Judea as the Messiah and Savior, but the religious and civil authorities believed that he threatened ...

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The biblical details of Jesus' birth are found in the Gospels. Matthew ... What is known is that biblical and historical details point to an approximate year of birth.

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Though we know Jesus actually existed, the exact year in which Jesus was born is a subject of dispute. There have been various theories as to the exact year.

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Dec 23, 2016 ... How the Bulgarian monk Dionysius Exiguus came up with the Year 1 is ... The birth of Jesus: A Byzantine-era mosaic at the Church Santa Maria ...

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Although most Christians celebrate December 25 as the birthday of Jesus ... first two Christian centuries claimed any knowledge of the exact day or year in which  ...

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Jun 2, 2004 ... In the western hemisphere, we split time by the birth of Jesus Christ. ... This feast took place on April 11th, in the same year, 4 B.C. From other ...

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Jan 30, 2014 ... To pinpoint Jesus' birth year, other scholars have tried to correlate the "Star of Bethlehem," which supposedly heralded Jesus' birth, with actual ...