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The influence of Judaism upon Christian symbolism as ... in a certain sequence as a symbol, for the sacrifice of ...

Judaism 101: Signs and Symbols


Learn about various Jewish signs and symbols, including the mezuzah, tefillin, tzitzit and tallit, yarmulke, menorah, Star of David, and chai.

Jewish Symbols and Their Meanings - Ancient Symbols


The menorah has been a symbol of Judaism since ancient times and is the emblem on the coat of arms of the modern state of Israel. The Roman-Jewish ...

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The candle is a very important symbol for Jews. Fire is warm and inviting. The Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) says that the flame is a symbol of God's relationship  ...

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Visit this site to discover the origin and meaning of a huge selection of Jewish Symbols. History, Facts, Information, Videos and Pictures of Jewish Symbols.

Signs and Symbols / Torah 101 / Mechon Mamre


Describes various Jewish signs and symbols, including the mezuzah, tefillin, tzitzit and tallit, skullcap, menorah, Star of David, and chai.

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Read about Jewish Symbols on Travelujah's Christian social community where you can learn about the Holy Land and book tours to Israel.

Jewish Symbolism


Some of the most prevalent images used on ketubot around the world are flowers , Zodiac symbols, family coats of arms, Biblical scenes, crowns, vases, cypress ...

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Jewish symbols include the Star of David, the Lion of Judah, the Hebrew character for ... It is an ancient symbol that appears in many religions... full article → ...

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We are happy to introduce you to several prominent Jewish symbols in the Jewish religion and culture. Jewish symbols have grown out of the long history of the ...