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her mother wants her to be a prodigy.

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Because all the other residents of Kweilin had similar clubs. To create a Chinese ... 7 According to Jing-mei, what defined her mother's relationships with the other members of the Joy Luck Club? ... It warded off evil spirits on the wedding night.

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Feb 3, 2012 ... Get an answer for 'When Jing-mei (June May), of Amy Tan's story "A ... For Teachers · Literature Lesson Plans · Literature Quizzes · Downloads ... of Tickets, " arrives in Guangzhou, some details seem familiar to her, and some seem exotic. ... What did the daughters in The Joy Luck C...

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Oct 5, 2011 ... Jing-Mei realizes, years later, that "Pleading Child" and "Perfectly ... head-strong child, the narrator doesn't appreciate all that her mother does ...

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Her father asks Jing-mei to take her mother's place at the Joy Luck Club, ... One night Jing-mei determines to be ordinary, and so stops trying to be a prodigy.

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Themes · Quotes · Characters · Analysis · Questions · Quizzes · Flashcards ... The twins send a letter to Jing-mei's mother, telling her about their lives. Because Suyuan is dead, Jing-mei's father opens the letter and asks the ladies ... Jing-mei wakes up in the middle of the night to h...

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The Joy Luck Club Quizzes & Trivia ... B. Because her mother had died and she was asked by her father to be “the ... What surprising information did Jing-mei finally learn from her mother's story ... both ends and kept burning all night long.

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everything in China: her mother and father, her home, her first husband, and two .... All I knew was the capital of California, because Sacramento was the name of the street we lived on in ... Before going to bed that night I looked in the mirror above ..... If we ask Jing-mei ..... Also, you can print vocab lists, quizzes, and more .

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this is because her writing is clearly so overlaid with biography and autobiography. .... quizzes. Answer keys are available for all of the questions. If your school has .... What surprising information did Jing-mei finally learn from her mother's story about ... How did Tyan-yu make Lindo cry the first night she lived in his house...

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As an adult, Jing-Mei is better able to understand her mother's good ... as a title because at a tense point in the story, when Jing-Mei refuses to play the piano, ...

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Because Jing-mei's mother believed “you could be anything you wanted to be ..... “Every night after dinner, my mother and I would sit at the Formica kitchen table. ... for the quizzes for her daughter maybe because they represent the American ...

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Mar 10, 2016 ... Jing-mei's mother tries to make her a prodigy by having her take tests to determine her talent. They finally settle on the piano.

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Oct 15, 2015 ... Jing-mei sees an ordinary girl instead of a prodigy when she looks in the mirror. ... Learn from study guides, Homework Help, and quizzes on the eNotes iOS app. ... Before going to bed that night I looked in the mirror above the ... What does the mother want for her daughter in "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan?