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Atlas Shrugged is a 1957 novel by Ayn Rand. Rand's fourth and last novel, it was also her .... Galt follows Dagny to New York City, where he hacks into a national radio broadcast to deliver a lo...

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For twelve years, you have been asking: Who is John Galt? This is John Galt speaking. I am the man who loves his life. I am the man who does not sacrifice his ...

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Jun 4, 2015 ... This scaled down version of the epic speech in Ayn Rand's novel was expertly crafted by Dr. David Kelley. Watch the video and then go behind ...

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Jun 29, 2010 ... John Galt's speech in Atlas Shrugged provides a comprehensive introduction to Ayn Rand's philosophy.

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The book builds in intensity all the way to the John Galt speech, so i don't know why .... "Ayn Rand regarded Galt's speech as the shortest summary of her ...

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Interpretive Reading Speech 5: ... Near the climax of the novel, the leader of the industrialists' strike, John Galt, lays out in a world wide radio broadcast why the ...

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71 quotes have been tagged as john-galt: Ayn Rand: 'I swear by my life and my ... tags: john-galt, objectivism, philosophical, philosophy .... John Galt's Speech

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Galt's Speech - 1 -. JOHN GALT'S SPEECH. OUTLINE. Galt's speech may be divided into five basic parts, summarized in the following way: I. The world is ...

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Galt is the hero and main character of Atlas Shrugged, because his principles drive the action and the conflict of the story. The book explores what occurs when .

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The moment is right for John Galt to address the American people. With the imminent collapse of the American economy, his strike has served its purpose.

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The 90-page radio speech by John Galt from Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged' [1957] compressed into 964 words.

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This questions is intend to Ayn Rand Fans that have trouble reading the long ... The speech, in my opinion, is way too long for it to be readable for the first time.

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At the moment the speech is to begin, the airwaves are taken over, and John Galt addresses the public instead. Galt delivers a long, detailed speech about the ...