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JOHNSON V. CALIFORNIA (03-636) 543 U.S. 499 (2005) ... CALIFORNIA et al. ... Petitioner Johnson, an African-American inmate who has been intermittently ...


May 23, 2015 ... Klingele et al. defined “fast-track discharge” from the ICU as discharge within ... questionnaire (SCCMFNAQ), validated by Johnson et al. to assess family satisfaction [5]. ... Individual satisfaction mean scores vs mean SCCMFNAQ score .... Our finding on education level is similar to that by Verhaeghe et al.


Apr 11, 2011 ... Nick Verhaeghe, corresponding author 1 Jan De Maeseneer,1 Lea Maes .... In another systematic review of Faulkner et al. [55] 23 randomized ...


A. Perreault, F. Forhergill-Bourbonnais, V. FisetThe experience of family members ... S. Verhaeghe, T. Defloor, F. Zuuren, M. Duijnstee, M. GrypdonckThe needs and ... S. Kasl, R. Johnson-Hurzeler, E. BradleyFactors associated with caregiver ... Holtslander et al., 2005 ... Mcskimming et al., 1999 ... Redinbaugh et al., 2003.


Catherine Verhaeghe a ..... [20] Raia V, Maiuri L, de Ritis G, de Vizia B, Vacca L, Conte R, et al. Evidence of chronic ... Raaijmakers JA, Johnson JP, et al.


effects (Johnson, 1929; Page et al., 1955; Kreye et al.,. 1975; Verhaeghe & Shepherd, 1976). .... Effect of8-bromo-cyclic GMP on membrane potential (m V):.


Jan 12, 2007 ... Catherine Verhaeghe a. , Katty Delbecque b ... E-mail address: vbours@ulg.ac. be (V. Bours). 1569-1993/$ .... JB, et al. Lower airway inflammation in infants with cystic fibrosis detected by ... Raaijmakers JA, Johnson JP, et al.


Johnson v. California ... Respondent. California, et al. ... The appellate court pointed to the U.S. Supreme Court's 1987 decision in Turner v. Safley, which said a ...


F. De Angelis,1 V. T. Barletta,2 V. Tomassini,4,5 P. Pantano,1,6 and C. Pozzilli1,2 ..... [17] T. Johnson, H. Mowbray, B. Verhaeghe et al., “Assessing the.