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A good joke to cheer a person up is, "What do you call a snowman wearing sunglasses?" The answer is, "A puddle." This common type of joke uses a straightforward question to set up ...

50 Short Funny Jokes That'll Surely Get You a Laugh


Are you stressed, feeling depressed or in a bad mood, these kind of jokes will certainly cheer you up. Life's too short to be in a bad mood, take in as many as you ...

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Dec 19, 2008 ... From panto stars to TV presenters, here Edinburgh's personalities tell us their favourite festive and fit-for-any-season jokes – and just in case ...

Short Jokes - One Liners - GotLines?


Why waste your memory on long boring jokes? Our jokes are nice and easy to memorize to cheer up your friends or use it as a pick up line at the bar to break the ...

9 Funny Short Jokes to Cheer Up a Girl, Guy, People and Someone


Cheering up and being funny are some of essentials of life. cheering up doesn't only mean that you make yourself happy. But, it also means to make the others ...

Here are ten amazing two line jokes to cheer you up - Metro


Aug 31, 2014 ... ... a bad day? Here are ten amazing two line jokes to cheer you up ... Someone stole my Microsoft Office and they're gonna pay. You have my ...

Cheesy jokes - Askville


I need some really cheesy jokes to cheer up a friend. Whats your best ... What do you call someone who doesn't fart in public? A private tutor!

I need a funny joke to cheer me up.........? - Yahoo Answers


May 16, 2007 ... Source(s): funny joke cheer up: https://shortly.im/T5MPs ... yo momma is so poor when someone broke into her house, they LEFT her some ...

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Aug 18, 2010 ... Does anyone know a good website for jokes to cheer up someone? Someone I love has been having several bad days and I want to send her ...

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Feb 21, 2012 ... Reading some funny jokes is probably the best way to cheer up someone. They can make anyone laugh and I think most of us know the ...

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Q: Is there a good joke to cheer someone up with.
A: Ok a guy walks into a bar with a duck on his head and the bartender says `What'll it be Mac?` And the duck says yeah can you get this guy off my butt?  ANSWER: ... Read More »
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Q: What is a joke to cheer someone up who is mad?
A: God made man and then rested. God made women and then no one rested. Wa... Read More »
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Q: What is a funny joke to cheer someone up?
A: Where does the one legged waitress work? The Ihop. Read More »
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Q: What's a good joke to cheer someone up?
A: A friend will cheer yhu up when ur angreyy , but a best friend will skip beseide yhu with a baseball bat singing "someone's gonna get it ! " ( Read More »
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Q: Any Funny Jokes To Cheer Someone Up ?
A: One day, there was this lawyer who had just bought a new car, and he was eager to show it off to his colleagues, when all of a sudden an eighteen wheeler came o... Read More »
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