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Humboldt squid

The Humboldt squid (Dosidicus gigas), also known as jumbo squid, jumbo flying squid, pota or diablo rojo, is a large, predatory squid living in the waters of the ...

Humboldt or Jumbo Squid Fact Sheet - National Zoo

Jumbo squid can reach up to six feet and weigh as much as 100 pounds. Their skin varies from deep purplish-red to white. Like other cephalopods ...

Jumbo Squid, Dosidicus gigas ~

Find out what's known about Jumbo Squid, Dosidicus gigas, Cephalopoda, Oegopsida, Ommastrephidae, including their world range and habitats, feeding ...

Jumbo squid attack submarine | Fox News

Oct 14, 2014 ... It is like a scene from an old wives' tale about the giant, tentacled kraken dragging shipping vessels to their doom — two Humboldt squid, ...
A jumbo flying squid (Dosidicus gigas) was found off the coast of Alaska. It is the first of its species to be recovered in British Columbia waters. More »
By Regina Bailey, Guide

Watch Jumbo Squid Speak by 'Flashing' Each Other

Jan 21, 2015 ... Giant Humboldt squid, which can grow as big as a man, speak to each other in flashes of color, their whole bodies quickly changing from red to ...

Humboldt Squid - Squid Facts and Information

Also referred to as the jumbo squid, the Humboldt squid is one you do want to recognize. They aren't as long as you would think with a name like that though.

Jumbo squids attack Greenpeace submarine - CNET

Oct 13, 2014 ... The Humboldt squid's tentacle suckers are lined with tiny, sharp teeth that can do some serious damage, so the Greenpeace divers were lucky ... Squid&v=9Fkl312lldQ
Jun 15, 2013 ... An expert diver gets mauled by several squids and records the entire event. ... Its about the Humboldt squid, which is an aggressive predator.

Jumbo squid viciously attack Greenpeace submarine (Video) | MNN ...

Oct 15, 2014 ... Jumbo squid, also known as 'red devils,' have been known to attack divers before . But a submarine? Watch the nightmarish Greenpeace video ...

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