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Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System. It is a giant planet ... Jupiter was most recently visited by a probe in late February 2007, when New Horizons used Jupi...

How Strong Is Jupiter's Gravity? - Universe Today


In the 1990s Jupiter's gravity tore apart Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 and pulled the broken pieces into the to planet. This marked the first time that humans had ...

Is it true that Jupiter protects Earth? | Space | EarthSky


Nov 25, 2015 ... Jupiter's gravity slings long-period comets out of harm's way, while nudging some asteroids closer to Earth. And, in 1770, Jupiter took aim on ...

How strong is the gravity on Jupiter? | Cool Cosmos


The gravity on Jupiter is greater than the gravity on Earth because Jupiter is more massive. Although Jupiter is a great deal larger in size, its surface gravity is ...

Gravity on Jupiter - Passport to Knowledge


QUESTION: What is the difference between the Earth's gravitational pull and Jupiter's gravitational pull? ANSWER from Edna DeVore on November 3, 1995: ...

How strong is gravity on other planets? - Phys.org


Jan 1, 2016 ... Gravity is a fundamental force of physics, one which we Earthlings tend ... As a result, Jupiter's surface gravity (which is defined as the force of ...

What is the gravity on Jupiter compared to Earth? | How Things Fly


Sep 17, 2014 ... Jupiter is a massive planet, so it has a massive gravitational pull. Jupiter's gravity is 2.4 times that of earth - so if you weighed 100 kg (220 lbs) ...

How do other planets affect Earth's gravitational pull


Other planets have almost no effect on Earth's gravitational pull. All objects ( including planets) are attracted to each other by the force of gravity. How strong this ...

Juno enters Jupiter's gravitational clutches | Cosmos


Jun 1, 2016 ... The gas giant's gravitational reach now has more pull on the spacecraft than the Sun's. Phil Ritchie reports.

Villain in disguise: Jupiter's role in impacts on Earth - Astrobiology ...


Mar 12, 2012 ... The first saw Jupiter's gravity modify the comet's orbit to fling it almost onto a direct collision course with Earth. The second encounter modified ...

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The Pull of Jupiter - NASA Science


You can see Jupiter's cloud belts, the Great Red Spot and four large moons ... Gravitation, Jupiter pulls you up 34 million times less than Earth pulls you down.

Jupiter's gravity | How It Works Magazine


Mar 25, 2013 ... Jupiter's gravity. Jupiter is the largest and most massive planet in the Solar System, so it should come as no surprise that it also has a huge ...

Your Weight on Other Worlds | Exploratorium


Before we get into the subject of gravity and how it acts, it's important to understand the difference between weight and mass. We often use the terms " mass" and ...