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Karate is a generic term for the various kick/punch arts which originated in Okinawa and Japan. Karate is a Japanese word that translates into English as, “empty hand.” It is a martial art of unarmed self-defense in which directed blows... More »
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Karate (空手) (English /kəˈrɑːtiː/; Japanese pronunciation: kaɽate] ( listen); Okinawan pronunciation: IPA: kaɽati]) is a martial art developed on the R...

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These Chinese families began to share Chinese Kenpo with the native Okinawans they came in contact with, which was a blend of Chinese and Indian fighting styles. The fact that weapons were banned in Okinawa in the 1400's by the invading Shimazu clan (Japanese clan) was... More »
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From these three villages arose the various styles of karate, two of which were shorei-ryu and shorin-ryu. After studying these two styles of karate in Okinawa, ...

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SKA National is a nonprofit organization that has been teaching traditional karate -do in the United States since 1956. SKA was founded and is still led by ...

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Q: What is karate?
A: Empty hand combat. Karate developed as a system of defense really. The people that developed Karate were powerless against their attackers, so they developed a ... Read More »
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Q: What is karate?
A: In Japanese, "kara" means empty and "te" means hand. Karate is a non weapons based martial art that was created in Okinawa because the emperor had banned all we... Read More »
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Q: What is karat?
A: it is a word in the english dictionary tht um means something:) Read More »
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Q: How to Size a Karate GI.
A: Karate uniform sizes are standardized throughout the industry. They're labeled by number, with lower numbers smaller than higher numbers. This numbering system ... Read More »
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Q: How to Dress for Karate.
A: Things You'll Need. Gi. Mouth guard. Hand/foot pads. Head gear. Protective cup. Inquire about the style of Gi worn by the karate school you want to attend. Diff... Read More »
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