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Japanese Words We Use - Karate terminology - language, Glossary


List of Japanese words, phrases and titles commonly used in our karate dojo. The page can also be downloaded as a PDF file and printed.

Karate Terminology 101 - okinawa kenpo karate kobudo deva


COUNTING Back to Table of Contents. 1. Ichi (ee-chee)- One, 11. Ju Ichi (joo ee- chee)- Eleven. 2. Ni (nee)- Two, 12. Ju Ni (joo nee)- Twelve. 3. San (san)- Three  ...

Karate Terminology PDF - NKD Martial Arts


Karate Terminology. If a karateka learns the Japanese karate terminology, she/he will be able to enter any karate dojo in the world and able to understand and ...

Karate Terminology


Dachi, Stance. Zenkutsu-dachi, Front stance. Kiba-dachi, Horse riding stance. Kokustu-dachi, Back stance. Shizen-dachi, Natural stance. Heiko-dachi, Feet ...

Karate Terminology - Torbay Karate Club


This page contains a brief glossary of some of the more commonly used Japanese terminology Torbay Karate Club karateka (students) will need on their way to ...

shotokan terminology - Shotokan Karate-do and Kobudo Association

www.shotokankarate.ca/shotokan terminology.htm

As with any other art form Shotokan karate has its own unique terminology, and even though Shotokan is taught all over the world, and in many different ...

Karate Terminology | Shotokan Karate-Do Center


Karate Terminology. Beginning Commands. Seiretsu: Line up by rank; Seiza: Meditation position-kneeling; Mokuso: Meditate/Gather Your Thoughts; Shomen ni: ...

Basic Karate Terms and Pronunciations for Shotokan Karate Training |


A listing and phonetic spelling of core punches, kicks, blocks, strikes, stances, and other general terms used in Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate.

Wado Ki Kai - Karate Terminology in Japanese


Japanese Terminology. Here is a general list of common terms used in Martial Arts, Karate, and of course Wado Ki Kai. These terms have been defined as they  ...

Glossary – Shotokan Karate of America


Feb 1, 2011 ... Numbers | General | Standing Forms | Blocks | Hand Techniques (punches and other striking techniques) | Kicks | Sparring | Throwing ...

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Karate Terminology - Clubs at PSU


Karate Terminology. Below is a fairly complete list of Japanese terms and their approximate English translation. This list is intended to give new students a quick  ...

Karate Terms: Academy of Traditional Karate


Some of these terms are used at the Academy of Traditional Karate, though ..... Japanese in Karate-Chikara Karate Studios, Karate Terminology 101, UCLU ...

KUGB Glossary of commonly used Shotokan Karate terminology ...


Glossary of Karate terminology used by the KUGB. This page ...

Karate Terminology - Black Belt Wiki


Here are some of the key Japanese words, commands and terminology used in Karate. This page will also help you to pronounce these Karate terms and ...