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Newdow v. Rio Linda Union School District Nos. 05-17257, 05-17344, and 06- 15093, was a ... Full case name, Dr. Michael A. Newdow, et al. v. Rio Linda Union  ...


Mar 3, 2010 ... Dr. Michael A. Newdow, et al., v. Congress of the United States of America, the Elk Grove Unified School District, the Rio Linda Unified School ...


ROBERT CALLAHAN et al., on Behalf of Themselves and All Others Similarly Situated, Respondents, v. HUGH L. CAREY, as Governor of the State of New York, ...


and karst aquifers (Reimus et al., 1996; Mahler,. 1997), erosion of soil ... fluorescent plastic beads (Carey, 1989), glass ... Geology; September 1998; v. 26 ; no.


Nov 24, 2011 ... In addition, Carey et al. (1995) ... 2001; Johnston and File 1991; Leret et al. ... 2001; Rodgers and Cole 1993; Voikar et al. .... 2011; Karst et al. .... [Cross Ref]; Critchlow V, Liebelt RA, Bar-Sela M, Mountcastle W, Lipscomb HS.


Jan 12, 2015 ... ... al., 2012, 2013) or host plants (Jones et al., 1990; Thomson et al., 1994; Karst et al., ... Like in mycorrhizal symbioses (Hoeksema et al., 2010), facilitation of ... ( organic vs. inorganic) highlighting again the environmental context ..... Starr, Brad Sullivan, Justin Trowbridge, Keith Unruh-Carey, Justin Walters, ...


Karst field trip presentation, Crystal spring, Florence, KS, S. Ausbrook, ... Carey Salt Plant. Private property .... The distribution of springs inventoried in Sawin et al. (1999) ... Wet and dry period mixing curves plotted on a graph of chloride vs. the.


Feb 12, 2017 ... Carey and Fulweiler, 2012). ... but abiotic vs. biotic mechanisms are still poorly understood ( Williams et al., 2005; Peters, 2009 ; Bhatt et al., 2014). ... The dissolution of the urban karst as a result of urban construction (e.g., bridges, ... Liberty Reservoir drains approximately 42,476 ha (Koterba et al., 2011).


ited in a wide variety of environments ranging from fluvio-karst. 45o. 44o N .... MTS. FM. Beartooth Butte. Formation v. CAREY. DOLOMITE v. LAKETOWN. DOLOMITE ... Otto, 1995; Link et al., 1995) may also have affected the Devo- nian shelf ...


Nov 7, 2014 ... In the hippocampus, MRs are co-localized with GRs (Patel et al., 2001). ... increase hippocampal signalling via the membrane-bound MR (Karst et al., 2005 ). .... in the renal collecting duct of the kidney (Carey and Padia, 2008). ...... Barrett Mueller et al., 2014; K. Barrett Mueller, Q. Lu, N. Mohammad, V. Luu, ...